Max Wall Death

Max Wall death came as a shock to everyone as he was named another student from St Michael’s College who recently graduated. Here’s more about the shocking incident.

Max Wall was a loving student who went to St Michael’s College in Dublin. Besides, he recently finished the Irish equivalent of A-level exams, Leaving Certificate Examinations. 

When the news of Wall’s demise was confirmed, everyone was shocked, and they started showering tributes on social media. Also, St Michael’s College released a statement.

In the statement, they said Max was a constant source of positivity, encouragement and fun for all of those around him. Also, he was a fantastic supporter of the teams during the various cup campaigns.

Max Wall Death at Greek Island of Los

Max Wall death on the Greek Island of Los shattered everyone. His death was announced recently, and people who were close to him have paid tribute to the late soul.

Meanwhile, Wall’s demise news was confirmed after the death of his classmate Andrew O’Donnell was shared. They reportedly died during a post Leaving Cert trip to the island of Ios.

Max Wall Death
The death of Max Wall has left everyone sad as he was close to many people. ( Source: Twitter )

Both of them were 18 years old at the time of their passing. Their actual death cause has not been confirmed, but the Greek police are investigating the case, and it has been said the two students died in separate incidents on the Cycladic island.

The students were with a bigger group from the Ballsbridge secondary school, celebrating the consummation of their exams. To the great loss, Genius Celebs also pays a heartfelt condolence to the whole family and friends.

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Max Wall Cause of Death: What Happened To Him?

Max Wall cause of death has not been confirmed yet, but the case is still under investigation. As stated earlier, two students named Max and Andrew died in a separate incident.

Reportedly, Andrew’s body was discovered by police at around 9:20 am local time on Sunday on rocks in a field outside the island’s main town of Hora. Not only that, but his body showed signs of having fallen, but it was vague whether the fall had been from a height.

Max Wall Cause of Death
Max Wall cause of death has not been identified yet as the investigation is going on. ( Source: Twitter )

O’Donnell had been reported missing earlier in the morning by a friend who was with him the night before in Hora. During that time, they were socializing.

While making their way back to their accommodation on foot, they separated. Apart from that, another student Max was discovered unconscious by a member of the public near the island’s port at around 2 pm.  

After that, the emergency services were informed, and Max was transferred to the hospital by ambulance, where he died. 

Max Wall Family Mourns The Loss

Max Wall family is mourning the loss of their beloved member, who passed away at the age of 18. He had a sunny, friendly disposition, and his tragic death left everyone shocked.

He is survived by his parents and his brother Charlie who also attended St Michael’s. Everyone is sharing their support for the devasted family as they are currently shattered by the loss of their beloved member.

Max Wall Family
The family of Max Wall is mourning the loss. ( Source: Facebook )

Furthermore, the school has also encouraged students who want to know more about available support to contact the school staff members. 

As said earlier, the case is still under investigation; more updates will be given soon in the future.

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