Maya Kowalski

Maya Kowalski lawsuit is in the limelight after the release of the Netflix documentary Take Care Of Maya. Here’s more about the trial update.

Maya Kowalski is a 18 years old girl originally from St Petersburg, Florida. The young lady has gone through many hard times in her life.

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Furthermore, she was diagnosed with a rare neurological condition as a child. During that time, her family was worried as they watched their daughter get mysteriously ill.

In 2016, Kowalski was admitted to Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in Florida with crippling stomach pain. Later, her condition was found to be linked to the rare neurological condition named Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). 

On June 19, 2023, a new Netflix documentary named Take Care of Maya was released that shows the life of the Kowalski family. Now, Netflix viewers are eager to know about the trial.

Maya Kowalski Lawsuit Trial and Verdict

The family of Maya Kowalski filed a lawsuit against All Children’s Hospital, the privatized child welfare company Suncoast Center Inc, Florida’s Department of Children and Families, and Maya’s social worker, Cathi Bedy, in October 2018.

Meanwhile, a judge determined that there was sufficient proof for punitive damages to be granted for the charges of battery and false imprisonment. In early 2023, Smith and Suncoast settled their portion of the lawsuit for $2.5 million.

Maya Kowalski Lawsuit
The family of Maya Kowalski filed a case against All Children and Bedy and the trial date is scheduled for September 7, 2023. ( Source: Digital Mafia Talkies )

Apart from that, the case of All Children and Bedy continues. In March 2023, on the eve of jury selection, a judge delayed the trial indefinitely, but Jack says he intends to deter the hospital from needlessly separating kids from their families.

Moreover, a trial date has been set for September 7, 2023, and more details regarding the case will be updated soon.

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Maya Kowalski Mother Beata Kowalski Suicide Case Update

Maya Kowalski mother, Beata Kowalski, passed away after suicide in January 2017. During that time, Maya was in the hospital. Reportedly, Beata denied a request to hug her daughter on a rare visit to the hospital. 

Maya Kowalski Mother
Maya Kowalski mother Beata Kowalski died after suicide in January 2017 and it has been reported that she also had Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy (MSP). ( Source: Tampa Bay Times )

According to a report, Beata was discovered in the family’s house in Venice by a relative hanging from the garage ceiling. Meanwhile, she even left a note that hinted that Beata was hurt and couldn’t bear the pain of being away from her daughter. The note wrote,

“I’m sorry, but I no longer can take the pain being away from Maya and being treated like a criminal. I cannot watch my daughter suffer in pain and keep getting worse while my hands are tied by the state of FL and the judge!”

Beata Kowalski Obituary: How Did She Die?

The obituary of Beata Kowalski was shared after her ***** in January 2017. The actual reason behind her ***** remains unknown, but we can be clear that she suicide.

However, it has been reported that Beata likely had Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy (MSP). Not to mention, MSP is a mental illness and a form of child abuse. 

Beata Kowalski Obituary
Beata Kowalski died in January 2017, and during that time her daughter Maya Kowalski was in the hospital. ( Source: The Independent )

Due to that, many said that Kowalski was not mentally fine and he had lied about her daughter’s entire condition, which a psychological evaluation confirmed wasn’t the case in the ensuing week.

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