John Brogan was shot and his house was set on fire

The news of John Brogan ***** has shocked the people of County Mayo, Ireland; Brogan was shot dead before setting his home on fire.

An 83-year-old man named John Brogan died in a house fire in Castlebar on Sunday evening. Gardaí suspects that he was fatally shot before the fire was started.

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In connection with the incident, a man has been arrested on suspicion of ******. Brogan was a widowed farmer who lived alone in the cottage.

It has been reported that the Garda had previously investigated him for alleged historic abuse offenses.

The victim had been shot multiple times, and the police discovered a firearm. Keep reading the rest of the article to learn more about this news.

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Mayo ******** Update: John Brogan ***** And Obituary

On Sunday evening, a fire broke out in a house on fire in Pheasanthill, Castlebar, Co Mayo.

Tragically, the body of a man was discovered inside the residence, prompting the response of emergency services and Gardaí.

Local people had gathered outside the house but could not enter the property due to the intensity of the flames.

The house of John Brogan was set on fire after he was shot
The house of John Brogan was set on fire after he was shot (Source: Mirror)

An arrest has been made for the incident, and the suspect is being held in Castlebar Garda station.

The scene has been preserved for further investigation with the assistance of the Garda Technical Bureau and the Office of the State Pathologist.

The name of the arrested suspect has not been disclosed, and the public is urged to contact Gardaí with any information about the incident.

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****** Victim Found With Gunshot

As mentioned earlier, the deceased has been identified as 83-year-old John Brogan, a retired bachelor farmer.

Gardaí believes Brogan, living alone in the cottage, was fatally shot before the house was set on fire.

A firearm was also recovered by the authorities, who are now conducting a ****** investigation. The suspect, a man, has been arrested on suspicion of ******.

A man has been arrested as a suspect for John Brogan's *****
A man has been arrested as a suspect in John Brogan’s ***** (Source: Irish Mirror)

According to local reports, the Garda previously investigated John Brogan over alleged historic abuse offenses.

This case has shocked the community and has left many questioning the motive behind the ******. It is still unclear why Brogan was targeted.

The investigation is ongoing & the authorities are urging anyone with information to come forward.

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John Brogan Was Accused Of 65 Sexual Offences

According to the Irish Mirror, John Brogan, who was shot and killed in his rural residence, had been accused of committing 65 sexual offences.

A man in his old age had just been acquitted of 20 charges a few days before his ***** but was still scheduled to stand trial for an additional 45 charges later in the year.

The accusations included sexually assaulting a woman between 2004 and 2009 when he was between 64 and 69 years old.

The deceased, John Brogan, was accused of 65 sexual offences
The deceased, John Brogan, was accused of 65 sexual offences (Source:

Of the 20 charges he faced, 4 were dropped and a jury found him not guilty of the remaining 16.

After discovering his body, a suspect was arrested and is currently being questioned by the police at Castlebar Garda station.

If he had been found guilty, Brogan could have faced up to 14 years in prison.

According to a statement from a Garda representative, inquiries are still being made, and there is currently no additional information available to provide.

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