Cush Jumbo parents

Who are Cush Jumbo parents? Angela and Marx, the parents of Cush, take great pride in their daughter’s remarkable accomplishments in both acting and writing.

Cush Jumbo is a well-known British actress and writer who has been engaged in the entertainment industry for several years.

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She is best known for playing attorney Lucca Quinn in a leading role on the CBS drama The Good Wife from 2015–2016 and its spin-off The Good Fight on Paramount Plus from 2017–2021.

Jumbo has also starred as Detective Bethany Whelan on the ITV crime series Vera in 2012 and 2015–2016 and as Lois Habiba on the 2009 third season of the Doctor Who spin-off series Torchwood.

In theatre, Jumbo was nominated for a Laurence Olivier Award for playing Mark Antony in Julius Caesar in 2013.

She also wrote and performed the play Josephine and I. She won an Evening Standard Theatre Award for her one-woman show and reprised the performance Off-Broadway in 2015.

Jumbo made her Broadway debut in Jez Butterworth’s The River in 2014 and received her second Olivier nomination in 2021 for her return to the London stage as Hamlet.

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Meet Cush Jumbo Parents: Father Marx And Mother Angela

Cush Jumbo was born in London to a British mother, Angela Hall, and a Nigerian father, Marx Jumbo.

Her mother worked as a nurse and recently came out of retirement to help give COVID-19 vaccines.

Also, her father was a stay-at-home dad who raised Cush and her siblings. Even now, Cush’s first call for parenting advice is from her dad.

She says her dad is a traditional Nigerian man but has a talent for caring for babies.

Cush Jumbo parents
In 2019, along with her parents Marx and Angela, and her husband Sean Griffin, she was honored with an OBE for her contributions to the field of drama (Source: The Guardian)

If Cush’s son is having issues like teething, sleep troubles, or potty training, she calls her dad right away for guidance.

Her unconventional upbringing with a working mom and at-home dad still shapes how Cush approaches parenting her own son.

Cush Jumbo has made her parents incredibly proud of her accomplished career as an actress and writer.

Having been raised in an unconventional household with a working mother and stay-at-home father, Cush was able to develop her creative talents from a young age.

Her parents nurtured her ambitions, and now, as a renowned actress with hit shows, theatrical acclaim, and writing credits, she has achieved immense professional success.

Cush Jumbo family 

Cush Jumbo married Sean Gryphon in 2014. They have a son, who was born in 2018.

Sean describes himself as an experienced business development leader skilled in market analysis, strategic planning, financial forecasting, operations, and team leadership, resulting in business growth.

He has over 10 years of proven success in identifying and developing emerging leaders to accelerate success.

Cush Jumbo parents
A beautiful image of Cush and her husband Sean (Source: TheThings)

In simpler terms, Sean has strong business skills and experience leading teams and growing companies.

Sean is dedicated to education and learning. He attended the respected University of Minnesota for his graduate studies.

From 2008 to 2010, Sean completed his challenging Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree at the university.

His time at the University of Minnesota was an important part of shaping his business skills and knowledge.

Cush and her husband, Sean Griffin, are a great team. They help and support each other through good times and tough times.

They’re committed to making sure the other is okay, and when things get hard, they stick together, giving comfort, understanding, and strength to one another.

Also, they face challenges together and celebrate each other’s successes, making their relationship strong and supportive.

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