Maria Taylor brother

Get to know the prominent sportscaster Maria Taylor brother and sister while exploring their family background.

Maria Taylor, a prominent sportscaster known for her work with ESPN and NBC, has left an indelible mark on sports journalism.

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Her versatility shines as she covers college football, college basketball, NBA, and NFL while also hosting NBA Countdown on ESPN.

A University of Georgia graduate, she excelled in volleyball and basketball during her college years.

However, her recent pregnancy announcement at the NFL season opener catapulted her into the spotlight.

The journalist is married to Rodney Blackstock, a former basketball player and founder of RockFish Management.

Today’s article concerns Maria Taylor’s family background, including her siblings, parents, and the rich tapestry of her family tree.

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Meet Maria Taylor Brother Steve Taylor Jr.

Steve Taylor Jr., Maria’s brother, boasts an impressive sports career as a former football player.

Maria Taylor brother
As a football quarterback, Steve Taylor Jr. formerly played for famous teams, including the Nebraska Cornhuskers and the Edmonton Eskimos. (Image Source: Athlon Sports)

He is a former quarterback who played for the Nebraska Cornhuskers and the Edmonton Eskimos.

Currently, Steve has transitioned into a high school football coach in Georgia.

His passion for the game continues through his two sons, Steve Taylor III and Jalen Taylor.

Both are following in their father’s footsteps as talented football players.

The Taylor family’s deep-rooted connection to sports is evident through Steve’s journey from the field to the sidelines, nurturing the next generation of athletes.

Meet Maria Taylor Sister Vann Taylor

Vann Taylor, Maria’s sister, adds another layer of cultural richness to their family tree.

Vann is the daughter of Steve Taylor and Mary Vann, who belonged to the Cherokee Nation.

Notably, Mary Vann was a Cherokee woman, and Vann herself was the granddaughter of James Vann, a prominent leader of the Cherokee Nation during the early 19th century.

This heritage highlights the ancestral ties that bind Maria Taylor’s family to a significant chapter in Cherokee history.

Reports indicate that Vann Taylor profoundly connects to her Cherokee ancestry through her mother’s lineage.

This connection resonates with the legacy of her great-grandfather, James Vann, who played a pivotal role in shaping the Cherokee Nation’s history.

Maria Taylor Family Tree

Maria Taylor, born on May 12, 1987, in Alpharetta, Georgia, is the daughter of Steve and Suzette Taylor.

Maria Taylor brother
According to reports, Steve Taylor Jr. and Vann Taylor are NBC and ESPN official Maria Taylor’s half-siblings. (Image Source: Twitter)

She shares her family tree with two siblings: a brother named Steve and a sister named Vann.

Interestingly, these siblings are reportedly her half-siblings from her father’s side, and Maria is the sole child of her parents.

While the details of their relationship are yet to be made public, we assume that the Taylor siblings must share a close bond as they grew up spending time with their father.

The family’s heritage is a testament to the diverse and culturally rich background of the Cherokee people and their descendants.

Maria Taylor’s journey from a standout athlete to a respected sportscaster was glorious.

Her journey is also a testament to her achievements and reflects her family’s diverse background.

Her brother, Steve, and sister, Vann, add unique dimensions to her family tree, with Steve’s sports career and Vann’s Cherokee heritage enriching their shared history.

As Maria continues to excel in her career, her family’s legacy is a source of inspiration, showcasing the strength of embracing one’s roots and heritage.

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