Nathan Nuyts And May Ridts

This article will discuss the well-known couple Nathan Nuyts and May Ridts relationship timeline.

Nuyts and Ridts are famous for couple content on social media platforms; people started noticing them from Tiktok, and now they have gained followers on Instagram and other social media platforms.

The couple has a different fan base; people wait for them to upload their pictures or videos. 

During the pandemic, the pair got engaged in TikTok; they have been in Tiktok for more than two years and have gained millions of followers.

The couple has their account and shares different content, which thousands of people love.

Often people get curious to learn about their personal life, which they do not share on Tiktok videos and get updated with their fans. So, read further to learn about them in detail.

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Meet Nathan Nuyts And May Ridts- Relationship Timeline

Nathan and May are the couples who are famous for their team Tiktoks, and they are often active on Tiktok and Instagram. 

They share different content on their account, May shares about her makeup routine and her vlogs in it, whereas Nathan is a fitness freak, along with a couple of videos he shares about his workout routines and more about fitness.

Nathan is the founder of; he is a model and has been involved with many modeling agencies. 

Nathan often posts about his work on Instagram, has 401K followers, and constantly updates his fans through it.

Nathan Nuyts shared a pictures of him with his girlfriend, with caption,
Nathan Nuyts shared pictures of him with his girlfriend, with the caption,” 4 years and counting” (Image Source: Instagram)

Nathan’s partner, May, has also been involved in modeling; she is a social media influencer and has 216K followers on her Instagram. 

May and Nathan are a very adorable couple; they often travel together and share about themselves on social media. 

The couple has yet to be married or engaged, and they have yet to share about getting married anytime soon. 

They live together and own a dog named Ginger. They have shared about it in their videos. 

Nathan Nuyts And May Ridts Family Details

The couple has not publicly shared much information about their family; they have not shared any family pictures on their Instagram. 

But, Ridts often share pictures with her best friend, Joannv Dherik. They look alike, and people have usually loved them together.

People have often been confused about their relationship; they have been rumored to be sisters but are best friends. 

Picture of May Rydts with her bestfriend Joannv.
Picture of May Rydts with her bestfriend Joannv. (Image Source: Instagram)

Other than that, she has not shared pictures with anyone. The couple has been trying to keep their family information away from the eyes of the media. 

Nathan, a fitness freak and a model, has also often posted a picture with his friend Josh; it looks like they share a close relationship.

Nathan Nuyts And May Ridts Net Worth Details

The couple has almost the same net worth mentioned; people are often curious to learn the income of famous personalities. 

As per the Source, the net worth of the media influencers and models is $5 million. And her partner’s net worth is between $3 million -$5 million. 

They have not mentioned their exact earnings; their income sources have been very private in the eyes of the media. 

Additionally, the famous Tiktok couple might have sources like business and investments, which have been a secret yet.

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