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Pamela Adlon is an American Actress, and fans are curious to know more about Pamela Adlon Parents.

She earned a Primetime Emmy Award for her performance as Bobby in the animated series King of the Hill.

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Among many others, she provided the voices for Baloo in Jungle Cubs (1996–1998), Pajama Sam, the titular character, Lucky in 101 Dalmatians: The Series, Ashley Spinelli in Recess, Otto Osworth in Time Squad, and Brigette Murphy in Milo Murphy’s Law.

Adlon is particularly well-known for her parts in the comedy-drama series Louie (2010–2015), which she also co-wrote and produced with Louis C.K., and the comedy-drama series Californication (2007–2014).

Adlon made her acting debut in the 1982 musical sequel Grease 2 as Dolores Rebchuck. In the sitcom The Facts of Life, she played Kelly Affinado regularly (1983–1984).

Despite having success as a child Actor, she had trouble finding roles as an adult. She credited the development of her significant voice-over career as having saved her job.

Who Are Don Segall And Marina L Segall? Meet Pamela Adlon Parents

Marina Lucy and Donald Maxwell “Don” Segall are Pamela Adlon’s Parents. Her father is a pulp science fiction author and television comedy writer-producer.

Pamela’s Father created AM New York and The Today Show. While Adlon’s Father, an American, was from Boston, her mother is English. Adlon said Pamela Adlon’s Parents first met during a USO function in Paris.

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Her mother, who was raised as Anglican, shifted to Judaism, while her Father was born into a Jewish family of Russian and Ukrainian ancestry.

Adlon grew up in the Carnegie House, located at 100 West 57th Street.

She has said that because her Father worked as a freelance TV writer and producer, she and her family moved back and forth between Los Angeles and New York.

At nine, she started performing; she did voice-over work in a radio studio owned by one of her Father’s friends. She served in TV and movie roles while she was in Los Angeles.

Pamela Adlon Family

In 1996, Adlon married Felix O. Adlon, the son of the director Percy Adlon.

Not only is Felix O Adlon well-known for his relationship with his well-known ex-wife and the lovely and successful daughters he had with her, but he also comes from a distinguished line of ancestors.

With numerous works to his name, he has established a name for himself as a producer and screenwriter. Pamela starred in Eat Your Heart Out by Felix O. Adlon (1997).

Pamela Adlon
Pamela Adlon with her family. (Source: Pop Buzz)

On June 26, 1967, Felix was born into a family with a long history in the entertainment business.

His Father, Percy Adlon, is a director, screenwriter, and producer, and his mother, Eleonore Adlon, is also a screenwriter. He goes by Felix Oktavian Adlon in full.

Following his divorce from Pamela in 2010, Felix relocated to Germany. Gideon, Odessa, and Valentine “Rocky” Adlon, three of their daughters, are all actors.

Sadly, when this article was written, there was no additional information about them online.

Pamela Adlon Net Worth 2024

Pamela seems to be a little secretive regarding her personal information, like her net worth, as she has not revealed anything regarding the matter to her fans.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Pamela Adlon’s net worth is over $16 million as of 2024. However, this information is yet to be confirmed by Pamela herself.

Even though the Actress is rich, she does not seem to enjoy spending her money and flexing it on her social media accounts like her Instagram.

Pamela Adlon
Pamela Adlon with Lance Henriksen. (Source: Instagram)

She goes by the handle @pamelaadlon there and has over 190k followers and over 400 posts.

She seems reasonably active as she frequently posts pictures of her upcoming projects, her thoughts, her latest news, and various other things there.

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