Polo Polo Son

People are searching for Polo Polo Son as the comedian has recently passed away.

Mexican comedian Polo Polo was renowned for his intricate jokes and storytelling. His writing style is mainly in the first person, which helps people to relate to his comedy and assume a personal experience. It contains sexually explicit language, wordplay, and double entendres primarily directed at adult readers.

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His comedy differed notably from many other comedians; his observational humor and capacity to lighten the severe daily issues Mexicans face helped the audience connect to his jokes. 

Who Was Polo Polo Son? Meet Paul García Peláez

Polo Jr., Paul Garcia Pelaez Jr., was a Mexican comedian and Actor who took after his Father, among the greatest comedians in Mexico.

Polo Jr, like his Father, can communicate with people from all walks of life and has made a reputation for himself in Mexico’s entertainment sector.

Polo Polo Son
Polo At An Award show (source: cbs8)

Polo Jr. was up in Mexico City in a family of comedians and entertainers. He was introduced to humor and performing early and acquired a passion for it.

His stand-up comedy career began when he performed in local theaters and clubs, and he quickly made a name for himself as a talented comic with a unique sense of humor.

The Mexican comedy world mourned the passing of a maestro of allures, a prominent genre in Mexico with jokes with double meanings and sexual overtones.

Who Was Polo Polo Wife? Family And Carrer Explored

Polo’s wife, Rosa Maria Pelaez, was a housewife in addition to being a wife. She has two children, Paul Garcia Pelaez Jr. and Rosa Maria Pelaez, with Polo Polo, whom she married in the early 1970s.

She was a loving wife who frequently accompanied Polo Polo to his activities and performances. They both were among the famous people in his town as he was regarded as the most famous person

Polo Polo Son
Polo Polo At LAtinContan (source: usatoday)

Polo and Rosa Maria Pelaez had a passionate and loving relationship. They had been married for more than 30 years.

Leopoldo was born in León, Guanajuato, Mexico, into a shoe-making family. After spending several years in the family Company, he discovered his amusing vocation, leading him to labor in modest enterprises without a salary.

Polo’s reputation grew steadily, and in 1976 he relocated to a larger venue named Keops Nightclub, where his concerts were given every night, with all tickets sold out.

He was well-known for playing tennis at the prestigious International Tennis Club in Mexico City.

There, he used to play Doubles and wager on nearly every match; one of the most notable being the Club Tournament match he and his preferred partner “Pepe” lost against “GonZo” and Mr. Chitiva.

For many years, the spectacle of Polo Polo was a highlight of the nightclub “Khufu” until he was allowed to play in Mexico’s largest room, Crown Hall Crown Hotel, in 1986.

What Happened To Polo Polo? ***** Cause Explored

Leopoldo Roberto Garcia Pelaez Benitez, also known as “Polo Polo,” died on Monday, January 23, at the age of 78. His adult-themed and double-meaning jokes were well-known.

He was 78. His son, Paul Garcia, informed Mexican network TV Azteca that his Father died of natural causes at home after suffering from vascular dementia.

Pelaez reportedly retired from the stage in 2016 after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Polo’s son later verified that he had vascular dementia and opted to be treated at home rather than in a hospital.

Vascular dementia refers to issues with reasoning, planning, judgment, memory, and other mental processes caused by brain damage caused by the decreased blood supply to the brain.

The symptoms vary depending on which area of the brain has poor blood supply: confusion, difficulty concentrating, and diminished capacity to think and act.

He regularly talks about issues like poverty, corruption, and political corruption, highlighting the absurdity of these realities and encouraging change via his wit and humor.

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