Megan Bhari

The new podcast series, Believe in Magic tells us the story of 16 years old Megan Bhari death. We have mentioned how the young girl died from failure of fatty liver. 

Believe in Magic is a podcast series is a series which talks about a dark and strange story of online deception. Further, the series is presented under the Jamie Bartlett investigates. 

Likewise, the series was named after the charity name, which claimed to help terminally ill children. In the recent episode of the podcast, we can witness the story of Megan Bhari and her mother, Jean.

Similarly, the podcast claims Megan had a terminal brain tumor to fund a luxury lifestyle. Jemmie tells the story of the 16 years old girl who inspired others to launch a charity to grant wishes to seriously ill children.

Megan Bhari Death: Died From Fatty Liver Failure

In the talent, podcast series Believe in Magic, Jamie talks about the story of Megan Bhari. As we have already talked about, Megan’s inspirational story. 

The tragic death of Megan brought immense silence among the people on the internet. Her death was caused by heart failure related to her fatty liver, with no mention of a brain tumor on her medical documents.

Megan Bhari Death
UK Prime Minister talked about Megan Bhari in a tweet made in 2015. (Source: Daily Mail)

Furthermore, she was also known to have founded Believe in Magic, which she launched to help other terminally ill kids.

Parents of other kids with cancer became curious about Bhari’s accounts of her illness and began to investigate her before her death.

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Megan Bhari Obituary and Funeral Details

Megan Bhari’s obituary was shared in 2018, and at the time of her death, she was just 23 years old. Following that, everyone paid tribute to her and sent condolence messages to the family.

The coroner found death from heart failure related to her liver but did not find a tumor. Further details regarding her funeral services have not been shared by any media platforms.

Megan Bhari took a selfie with a Disney character during a jaunt to Florida. (Source: The Scottish Sun)

As said earlier, she made headlines in the national media when Bhari created the charity Believe in Magic after saying she had a brain tumor, but a private investigator found many holes in the trust’s accounts.

Furthermore, she faked a brain tumor to set up a charity. Not only that, but she used to trick music stars out of hundreds of thousands of pounds.

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Megan Bhari Health Condition Explored

In 2011, Megan Bhari was reportedly diagnosed with a brain tumor. Despite being in and out of the hospital, Bhari was inspired to launch Believe in Magic in the same year. During that time, she was just 16 years old.

She opened it to ensure young children facing similar tough times could enjoy once-in-a-lifetime experiences to lift their essences.

For three years, Bhari and her mother, Jean, worked together, but later, it was unveiled the charity was hiding a dark secret.

Megan Bhari founded Believe in Magic in 2012. (Source: Daily Mail)

A team of concerned parents discovered the mom-daughter duo was staying at a luxury Disney resort when they were raising money for the teen’s life-saving treatment. 

They accused Megan of lying about her illness. But then Megan suddenly passed away. So, this news still makes headlines and drags Megan’s and her mother’s names into the spotlight. 

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