megan stewart and amy herman

Megan Stewart missing case often drags the eyes of people as the American found footage psychological horror film follows the disappearance of Megan and her best friend, Amy Herman.

Megan Stewart was a young lady from the United States of America whose name came into the spotlight following the news of her disappearance came into the media.

She was a high school student in North Hollywood who decided to meet up with a boy she was interacting with online, and the investigation was launched by her best friend, Amy Herman.

Furthermore, the missing case got more into the media prominence when a film explored the two lady’s disappearances. 

Megan Stewart Missing Case: Was She Ever Found?

Megan Stewart’s missing case has left everyone sad as she was never found. Megan and Amy Herman were 14-year-old best friends who vanished in January 2007.

Investigators created web-chat videos, home movies, and news reports chronicling their disappearances to bring awareness of online safety’s important for kids.

Megan Stewart missing
Megan Stewart and her best friend, Amy Herman, were killed by the psychopath killer Josh. ( Source: Facebook )

As seen in web footage on January 2, she has a dysfunctional relationship with her mother and a drug addiction. Likewise, Amy is unwilling to let go of her childhood and has a healthy relationship with her parents. Despite her close friendship with Megan, Amy is prey of bullying.

One day, Megan is introduced to Josh online, and they start talking. But Josh never turns his video camera on, so Megan doesn’t know what he looks like.

Furthermore, they plan to meet up behind the local diner, which is when she goes missing. Amy then tries to find her best friend but meets a sad fate herself. 

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Meet Megan Stewart Parents: A Look at Her Family Life

Megan Stewart was born to her parents, whose names have been shared with the tabloids. Also, the details regarding her siblings remain unknown as Megan became media prominence following her disappearance.

Reportedly, Megan had a rough home life due to an incident. Her stepfather sexually assaulted her when she was 9, and her mom blames Stewart for his subsequent conviction.

Megan Stewart Miss
Megan Stewart was reported to be 15 years old at the time of her missing. ( Source: Facebook )

From that, it can be said that Megan’s parents were separated. Due to the lack of information, none of the media outlets can track the information about Megan’s parents and other family members.

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Megan Stewart and Amy Herman Wiki

As mentioned earlier, Megan Stewart was an honors student and a cool kid. Besides that, Amy Herman was the docile and meek best friend with an entirely different personality from Megan’s. 

Despite that, they shared a sweet bond. One day, Megan was introduced to Josh online, and the two started talking.

But Josh never turns his video camera on, so Megan doesn’t know what he looks like. After some time, they plan to meet behind the local diner when she goes missing.

megan and amy
Megan Stewart and Amy Herman were best friends. ( Source: Twitter )

After that, Amy tried to find her friend and went missing. It is reported that Josh was the one that killed Megan and buried Amy alive in the same cask as her best friend’s corpse. 

Despite being instrumental to the story, no details about Josh’s real identity are revealed. 

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