World Cup Fan Shot And Killed

“World Cup Fan Shot And Killed” news surfaced on media outlets after state security forces reportedly killed a 27-year-old Iranian man after being shot harshly for honking a horn to celebrate Iran’s defeat in the football match.

After the shooting, he instantly died as he was directly targeted in the head, which left him with no possibility of surviving even though he was taken to the hospital.

Social and news outlets have flooded the information throughout where Human right activist has started raising their voice in concern.

The FIFA World Cup craze can be seen among the viewers supporting their respecting teams, but such news highlights the negative grudge and influence regarding the competition of different countries.

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Who Is Mehran Samak? What Happened To Him

Mehran Samak is a 27-year-old Iranian boy who was an enthusiast for watching football. However, his celebration of his favorite team following the game led him to be killed unexpectedly.

World Cup 2022: Man killed in Iran celebrating football team's loss
World Cup 2022: Man killed in Iran celebrating football team’s loss (Source- BBC)

Even though his entire identity has not surfaced in the media, his killing has been the subject of discussion. He was killed by a shooting by Iranian security forces when he was honking his car in Bandar Anzali, on the Caspian Sea coast.

His shooting was the cause following the defeat of their national team against America, and as he was seen celebrating the moment, he instantly got killed. 

These kinds of killing of general people have been highly seen nowadays in Iran, and many people are raising their voices regarding the same issue, primarily the Human Resource Department.

Why did Security Forces In Northern Iran kill Mehran Samak?

Mehran Samak was one of the people who did not support Iran at the FIFA World Cup 2022. Like him, many had refused to support the national team due to a government crackdown on more than two months of protests.

It led to flashed by the death during the detain of Mahsa Amini. She died three days after being captured in the nation’s capital of Tehran for allegedly disobeying the Islamic dress code.

The protests quickly enlarged to involve the general rights of the country’s citizens, but with the movement, over four hundred people were killed for participating.

According to IHR, Iran’s security forces have killed around 448 people in the rushdown on the protests, including 60 children up of 18 and 29 women. This case has been a serious matter.

World Cup fan 'shot dead by Islamic Regime security forces after he celebrated Iran's defeat to USA'
World Cup fan ‘shot dead by Islamic Regime security forces after he celebrated Iran’s defeat to USA’ (Source- BBC)

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Was Mehran Samak Taken To Hospital, Or Did He Die Instantly

Mehran Samak was rushed to the hospital even though he had no chance of survival as he was directly shot in the head by the security officials of Iran.

According to Iran International, Samak was accompanied by his fiance. Sadly, the officers came up and shot him harshly.

After the tragic incident, he was reportedly hurried to a local hospital but was declared dead shortly after arriving, as the case was highly complicated.

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