Mel Maia Namorado

Mel Maia Namorado news is all over the internet. The talk started because of Mel Maia’s attitude on her social media accounts. 

This is due to the singer’s possible indication that, months after splitting with MC Daniel, she is now seeing a surfer.

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Actress Melissa “Mel” Maia de Sousa was born in Brazil on May 3, 2004. Her Brazilian Portuguese pronunciation is. Rio de Janeiro is where she was born.

Her role as a teenage Rita in the telenovela Avenida Brasil in 2012 catapulted her to popularity. For the aforementioned part, she won numerous honors. 

Be with us till the end to know more about Mel Maia Namorado in 2023.

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Mel Maia Namorado 2023: Who Is She Dating?

Mel Maia Namorado news has been a new topic of interest for the people. Several months after splitting from MC Daniel, Mel Maia seems to have gotten back together with a surfer. 

The actress, who had a tense argument with MC Melody for allegedly duplicating her style, demonstrated that she had moved on and moved past her ex by acting suspiciously on social media last Tuesday and implying that she was seeing João Maria.

Mel Maia introduces herself as a surfer and mentions her new partner, “Mine.”

Mel Maia Namorado
Mel Maia Namorado news is all over the sites. (Source: Revistaquem)

In the star’s new song, the artist—who might have been the subject of subtle jabs from her ex-boyfriend, MC Daniel—commented on João Maria’s most recent Instagram post. 

The record supplied by the surfer revealed that Mel had declared herself to the youngster by writing: “Mine” accompanied by an emoji of a smiling face kissing. 

This information was rapidly picked up by the internet. After MC Daniel makes hints about dating Yasmin Brunet, Mel Maia surpasses him. 

Relationship And Breakup Reason With MC Daniel

After MC Daniel, 24, and Mel Maia, 19, announced their split, rumors regarding the reason behind their breakup went viral on the internet. 

Betrayal, remoteness from the other person, and jealousy were among the most often cited causes.

Writer Leo Dias speculated that the singer’s jealousy of the actress and their physical isolation from one another was the reason behind their breakup. 

Mel lives in Rio de Janeiro, while he resides in São Paulo. The rapper denied that he would be jealous of his ex by saying, “My God in heaven I would never do that,” on the profile Segue a Cami.

Mel Maia Namorado
Following their breakup, Mel Maia claims to be a surfer and makes a romantic proposal to Yasmin Brunet, her ex-boyfriend MC Daniel’s purported girlfriend. (Source: CNN Brasil)

Fans of the couple also wondered that treason might be the reason in addition to the singer’s statement. 

One follower remarked, “They’ve changed the reason now.” “Every time they find a reason to end the relationship,” stated another. The singer doesn’t seem to be doing well since the split. 

The funk musician declared that he would take a break from social media to take care of his mental health while crying and speaking in a choked voice. 

“I’m experiencing anxiety, chest pain, sadness, and a desire to vanish.” “I don’t know, I’m going insane, it’s God, a psychologist,” he replied. The funk artist said, “I can tell who’s who, even though I’m at my worst in my head.” 

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