Melissa Paredes Video Viral

People are piqued to learn about Melissa Paredes video viral on the internet. Melissa Paredes regrets the uproar leading to her relationship with Anthony Aranda: “It was a grave error.”

To admit that the scandal of her ampay’s relationship with the dancer had wounded many people, Melissa Paredes made a second television appearance. 

Melissa Paredes is a famous actress known for Dos Hermanas (2020), Ojitos Hechiceros (2018), and Is He My Girlfriend? (2019).

In a series of questions and answers, Melissa Paredes startled everyone by showing up as a guest on the set of En Boca de Todos. 

She couldn’t help but talk about his present relationship with Anthony Aranda and his contentious divorce from Rodrigo Cuba. Read until the end to learn about the viral Melissa Paredes video viral. 

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Melissa Paredes Video Viral

Melissa Paredes Video Viral on the internet and people are curious to know about it. At first, Melissa Paredes and Rodrigo Cuba’s disagreement In October 2021 was for the actress’s protection with Anthony Aranda. 

However, as the months went by and their separation became final, the legal fight centered on who should have custody of their youngest child, who is currently being investigated for a possible impact on his sexual integrity.

Since both are conducting inquiries into the numerous complaints that have been filed and as a result of the statements made by two former ministers and the same Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations, the situation of the ex-partner is in the spotlight. 

Melissa Paredes Video Viral
Following the publication of a video in which they “challenged” one of Bad Bunny’s most well-known tracks, they have once again become the focus of discussion on social media. (Source: Info Bae)

This is because the minor has been overexposed in the media. As a result of the growing list of repercussions, Melissa and Rodrigo may no longer have legal custody of their daughter. 

The remaining aspects that worsened her legal predicament were issues with the conciliation of the variation of the minor’s possession, a request for the girl to appear before a Gesell camera of the Public Ministry, and accusations of extortion and damaging sexual indemnification. 

More Details On Controversy And Scandal

On June 13, Rodrigo Cuba reported Melissa Paredes to the police for extortion and blackmail. This happened when the actress accused him of influencing the 4-year-old girl’s sexual indemnity.

‘Gato’ claimed that his ex-wife pressured him to comply with her requests; however, Melissa claimed that this occurred due to a confession made by the same girl, which she filmed and would serve as the primary proof to support her claim.

To better comprehend the scenario, Magaly Medina invited the attorney Karla Viso, who was in charge of this situation analysis, to speak about the subject in her program.

In such instances, the attorney defined sexual indemnity. To say, “I accept that you touch me, I accept that you touch me,” a minor child must have the capacity and evolution to do so. 

Because it has reached a level of evolution where it can distinguish between good and evil, a young child, unsure, sticks his hands in the socket. About sexual indemnity, the same thing occurs, he explained. 

Investigators Were Looking Into Rodrigo Cuba

In response to Melissa Paredes’ grave complaint and the Ministry of Women’s (MIMP) announcement, the Public Ministry launched an investigation into Rodrigo Cuba for the suspected crime of rape.

As a result, the investigations into the individuals named will be expedited, according to former ministers Rosario Sasieta and Ana Jara, who discussed the subject and claimed that the minor’s privacy had been infringed.

Melissa Paredes Video
Melissa Paredes was asked to explain on Instagram whether the contentious material was indeed a hint for Rodrigo Cuba after she posted the video. (Source: Info Bae )

Ana Jara also lamented that Melissa had not brought the criminal complaint. “The appropriate procedures for handling this matter were not followed. 

When a parent or guardian knows about a crime against a child, they must file a criminal complaint, especially since the child must undergo expert examination in the Gesell camera to determine whether the victim has suffered physical or emotional harm.

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