Melissa Perez Shot

Get updates on Melissa Perez’s death, who was shot and killed by police officers last month. Three police officers have been charged with murder. 

Melissa Perez was killed by three police officers in her apartment complex on San Antonio’s South side. 

Last Monday, her family had a private funeral service to bury Perez. According to her relatives, Perez, who had schizophrenia, had started acting erratically more frequently.

Police in San Antonio, who fatally shot the 46-year-old mother of four, are now being investigated and charged with murder.

Antonio TX Melissa Perez Shot To Death: What Happened?

Melissa Perez was shot to death by three police officers in her own apartment. Police were dispatched to Perez’s South Side apartment building in the early hours of June 23.

The men discovered the woman, who was experiencing a mental health crisis and was attempting to cut the wires outside because she believed the FBI was spying on her through fire alarms.

The arrest papers state that the fire department had summoned them. Firefighters discovered the woman trying to cut the fire alarm’s external cables.

Melissa Perez Shot
The family of Melissa Perez mourns as the mother of four was shot and killed by three San Antonio police department officers. (Source: San Antonio Express-News)

But the woman decided she didn’t want to deal with the police cruisers’ red and blue flashing lights and the armed guys in uniform.

A cop yelled to Perez, “Hey lady, get over here,” as she ran to her apartment. An officer was captured on body camera pursuing the woman and attempting to break a window into her locked residence. 

The cop told her, “You’re going to get shot.” However, she yelled back, “Shoot me,” as the police didn’t have a warrant.

William McManus, the chief of police in San Antonio, claimed that the team ought to have pulled up and requested mental health assistance at that time.

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According to McManus, “the proper response would have been for them to leave simply, and we would deal with it at another time in a way that would not have put Ms. Perez in the situation she was in,” according to TPR.

However, no request was made for the Mental Health Unit (MHU), a 20-member, 16-officer unit that handles only calls related to mental health.

The community is now left to wonder why she was slain rather than using the resources for the mentally ill that were intended to aid her.

Three Police Officers Charged With Murder Of Melissa Perez

The family of Melissa Perez, tragically shot by San Antonio police at her home in June, sued the city and the three officers involved, who have now been charged with murder.

According to the lawsuit, the San Antonio Police Department’s “formal and informal policies were the moving force behind” the 46-year-old woman’s death.”

Additionally, it alleges that Perez’s death was brought on by the police department’s practices on mental health calls and the mental health unit.

Melissa Perez Shot
Officers Pictured from left to right, Sgt. Alfred Flores, Eleazar Alejandro, and Nathaniel Villalobos are the three officers charged with murder. (Source: People)

According to the lawsuit, the department’s “repeated failure to discipline its officers created a culture of tolerance for the improper and unconstitutional use of excessive force.” The family requests payment “in an amount that is commensurate with the harm done.”

Moreover, the family addresses the improvements that need to be made and then does the hard work to ensure that Melissa is the last person in San Antonio to be wrongfully killed by the police.

The lawsuit’s plaintiffs claim that the City of San Antonio’s policymakers are to blame for the shooting because of their policies, practices, lack of enforcement, and lack of training.

According to the complaint, the plaintiff is adamant that the City is also responsible for Ms. Perez’s death.

“The City’s policymakers acted with deliberate indifference to the known or obvious constitutional violations that would result from such policies,” the document stated.

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