Melvin Ong

Melvin Ong accident news is trending on the web, and it started after the news of his death was shared on the web. Find out more facts in this writing.

Melvin Ong was a notable musician and was famous for being the frontman of the three-piece metal band Hrvst. The band is known in the alternative music background for their big sound and riotous compositions.

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According to his Facebook bio, Ong also worked at Green Spell. The Singaporean musician was loved by everyone, and people close to him are mourning the loss.

The tragic news of his death was shared on social media, and everyone is deeply devasted by this news. With that announcement, people close to Ong are asking for more updates about Ong’s death cause.

So, collecting everything from the available sources, the details related to Melvin’s death cause has been covered in this writing.

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Musician Melvin Ong Accident Left Him Paralyzed

Musician Melvin Ong accident news is making rounds online. The incident is from the past when Melvin was heavily injured following an accident.

During that time, Melvin was just 28 years old. He was on tour prepping for a concert when the accident occurred. Ong landed on his back and felt something give.

Melvin Ong Accident
Melvin Ong was on tour prepping for a concert when the accident occurred at the age of 28. ( Source: Facebook )

Even though the stage wasn’t very high, he had landed badly, cracking three bones in his neck. The freak accident left Ong paralysed from the neck down.

Furthermore, Melvin had openly shared the details related to his injury with the media. Ong spent nearly 100 days in the ICU, and while he survived his ordeal, he became a quadriplegic.

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Everything On Melvin Ong Cancer News

Singaporean musician Melvin Ong was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. Three years after his fall, his diagnosis came, which shocked everyone.

The cancer would claim his life. In early 2022, Melvin began having trouble breathing. Due to his condition, his family rushed him for a check-up, and it was discovered that he had been diagnosed with stage four lung cancer.

Melvin Ong Cancer
Melvin Ong was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer before his death which was discovered in 2022. ( Source: Facebook )

Just as Ong was learning to live with his paralysis, he was told that he had three months left to live. Ong was always open about his cancer, and he also talked about his experience with the media.

Currently, people close to him are mourning the loss as Melvin’s death news came as a shock to everyone.

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Melvin Ong Health Before Death

Melvin Ong health was not well before his death. As said earlier, he was dealing with stage four lung cancer. Since the diagnosis, gratitude has become the main driver in Ong’s life.

He used to begin his day with his favourite song, My Master’s Will, which was performed by the reggae group Israel Vibration.

Melvin Ong Health
Melvin Ong health was not fine before his death as the musician was dealing with stage four lung cancer. ( Source: Facebook )

When he knew about his cancer diagnosis, Ong said that he had some problems in his life and felt a bit of relief. Ong once said he also learned to appreciate the important things.

Sadly, Ong passed away on Tuesday at the age of 32. His family members have talked about everything related to Ong’s rites. 

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