Johanna Wagstaffe Baby

Get insights on Johanna Wagstaffe’s baby and husband, Tristan Staddon. Also, know about the meteorologist’s family and more. 

Johanna Wagstaffe is an on-air meteorologist, seismologist, and scientist for CBC VANCOUVER NEWS and CBC NEWS NETWORK.

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As the host of PLANET WONDER on CBC News Explore, Wagstaffe connects perspectives on and solutions to climate change by posing unexpected climate questions while on a scientific exploration adventure.

Since the summer of 2007, Johanna has covered local, regional, and global weather stories for the CBC News: Weather Centre.

Seismology and earth science expert Wagstaffe has covered significant earthquake events, space missions, and the Copenhagen, Paris, and Glasgow Climate Change Conferences.

Johanna continues working on different CBC original podcast projects while hosting award-winning CBC Vancouver programs, including 2050: Degrees of Change and Fault Lines.

Meteorologist Meet Johanna Wagstaffe Baby Weasley Wagstaffe

Johanna Wagstaffe gave birth to a precious baby, a son, Weasley Wagstaffe. From her Instagram page, we can assume that the baby was born in early April 2019.

Johanna frequently posts pictures of the baby boy on her Instagram profile. They have a pet dog at home, and Wesley is close to the dog.

Johanna Wagstaffe Baby
Johanna Wagstaffe with her husband and son. (Source: Instagram)

We can often see the baby boy and dog together in the meteorologist’s Instagram profile. Even though the meteorologist rarely adds captions to her family’s social media posts, she captioned one of their photos, “Just a dog and his boy.”

It reflects that Johanna is a great pet lover, and so is her child, who often plays and sticks together with the dog.

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Johanna Wagstaffe Husband:  Meteorologist Married To Tristan Staddon?

Johanna Wagstaffe is married to her loving husband, Tristan Staddon. Ther got married in 2015, but the exact date surrounding their marriage has not been revealed to the public.

Additionally, further information on the meteorologist’s married life with her husband is not revealed to the media and the public.

Tristan is the managing editor of Global Nationalist. However, further information on Tristan’s personal life is a move now. 

He is a loving husband, and Johanna frequently posts Tristan on social media handles. 

Johanna Wagstaffe Family: Ethnicity And Origin

Johanna Wagstaffe holds American nationality. After fleeing Hungary following the 1956 revolution, Wagstaffe’s maternal grandparents and mother spent a year in a refugee camp in Yugoslavia.

They were in Yugoslavia before relocating to a small community close to Meckering, Western Australia, just in time for an earthquake of magnitude 6.9.

According to her Instagram page, Johanna’s great-grandfather Fred and his brother fought in the Somme in 1916, which was 105 years ago. According to the meteorologist, there are many people in her family to contact daily.

She has succeeded in keeping her private affairs out of the public eye; as a result, she has not revealed any information about her parents. Furthermore, it is unknown if she has any siblings.

The identity of her parents is also a mystery. Since the identity of her parents has not been revealed, we could not determine her ethnicity. 

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Is Johanna Wagstaffe Available on Wikipedia?

Johanna Wagstaffe does not have a Wikipedia profile of his own. She is a meteorologist, seismologist, and scientist who works for CBC VANCOUVER NEWS and CBC NEWS NETWORK.

Wagstaffe has been reporting domestic and foreign weather topics for CBC News: Weather Centre since the summer of 2007.

Among other worldwide events, Johanna’s “Japanese Tsunami and Earthquakes” report was incorporated into the Copenhagen Climate Conference in 2009.

Meteorologist Johanna Wagstaffe
Meteorologist Johanna Wagstaffe gives an exclusive about weather patterns and science stories. (Source: CBC)

In her “Science Smart” series, she gives context for weather patterns and science stories and gives expert perspective into breaking weather stories for CBC. ‘Science Smart’ is available online and on CBC’s Our Vancouver.

The meteorologist earned a geophysics degree from The University of Western Ontario.

She began an internship with Environment Canada Severe Weather Center the summer after she graduated. Later, she finished her postgraduate degree at York University.

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