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Michael Cohen religion is Jewish, as he was raised in a conservative Jewish home. Keep reading to learn more about a former lawyer.

Michael Cohen is an American former lawyer who is mainly recognized for working with U.S. President Donald Trump. He served Trump from 2006 to 2018.

Also, Cohen was a vice president of the Trump Organization. Due to his work with Trump, the media often described Cohen as Trump’s fixer.

Not to mention, Michael started practicing personal injury law in New York in 1992. He initially worked for Melvyn Estrin in Manhattan. In 2003, Cohen was a candidate for New York City Council.

Furthermore, he has come a long way and has gained broad experience. Currently, Cohen’s name has been the talk of the town, and people are also concerned about his personal life, which we’ve described below in depth.

Michael Cohen Religion- Is He Jewish Or Christian?

Regarding Michael Cohen’s religion, he is Ashkenazi Jewish, a Jewish diaspora people who united in the Holy Roman Empire around the end of the first millennium CE.

Meanwhile, Cohen was raised in a conservative Jewish home. Later, he attended Hebrew School, and after his Bar Mitzvah, Cohen went on to excel as a student of history.

michael Cohen religion
Jewish lawyer Michael Cohen speaks outside federal court in New York in November 2022. ( Source: Politico )

During his late teens and early twenties, Michael expelled all thoughts of God and started a life that included many self-destructive behaviors.

For a number of years, he occasionally returned to his Jewish roots but could find no comfort or advice there.

After he graduated from college, Cohen went to work for a car rental Company. There, through a series of unlikely affairs, he met a young Jewish believer Lisa.

Cohen was curious about her belief, and after reading a copy of the New Testament she had given him, he obtained the Lord. 

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Insights On Michael Cohen Family And Ethnicity

Michael Cohen was born to his parents, Maurice Cohen and Sondra Cohen, in Lawrence, New York, U.S., on August 25, 1966. He holds an American nationality and reportedly belongs to the Caucasian ethnic background.

Meanwhile, his mother was a nurse, while his Father was a surgeon. It is reported that his dad is also a Holocaust survivor. 

Michael Cohen and his daughter Samantha together in a frame. ( Source: Business Insider )

Regarding his family background, Michael’s parental grandparents are Leon Konowitz and Annie Lamensdorf. Also, Michael has been a close friend of Felix Sater since childhood.

Sater is a Russian-American mobster and convicted felon who also worked as a managing director of Bayrock Group LLC. 

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Meet Michael Cohen Wife: A Look At His Married Life

Michael Cohen is married to Laura Shusterman, who is a native of Ukraine. The duo tied the knot in 1994 and have been sharing the relationship of a husband and a wife since then.

Shusterman’s dad Fima Shusterman left Soviet Ukraine for New York in 1975. Also, he was the person who introduced Choen to Trump.

choen wife
Michael Cohen was photographed with his wife and their daughter. ( Source: Yahoo )

Being married for a long time, Cohen and his wife have already started a family of their own. They are blessed with two kids, a son named Jake and a daughter named Samantha. 

There is not much information about his wife and kids, as they have preferred to stay away from media sources. 

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