Michael Mosley

Michael Mosley is a British television Journalist, presenter, and former doctor working for BBC. 

Michael is a former physician who pursued his education in psychiatry at the Royal Free Hospital Medical School. He has also contributed to various television shows about human health.

Not only in television, he has also written a book which is probably related to the human body and healthy life. 

Michael Mosley Health Update

Michael Mosley is the one who has been giving updates and important things to live a healthy life through his television series and his books. 

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Michael has always maintained his body and worked on living a healthy life. So, at the age of 65 also, he is very fit and energetic. 

He has written a book on losing weight and living a healthy life. He has talked about disadvantages people don’t know during weight loss. 

Michael Mosely diet he shared in his Instagram
Michael Mosely’s diet he shared on his Instagram. Image Source: Instagram

Many people have been following his diet advice to live a healthy life. So, as usual, you can get more information about health updates and many things about human health through the books and documentaries he has produced.

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Michael Mosely Weight Loss Before And After 

Michael Mosely has always been a fit person and has worked with his body for a long time. So, he has not lost weight; he always looks fit. 

At age 65, he looks very energetic and has always been involved in diffrent work. People have been following his books about weight loss since he started writing them. 

Michael says that losing weight does not mean not eating anything; it means eating more protein than you can. Protein is essential in our body, and he has always discussed protein-consuming food. 

The fast 800 books of his gained many fans, he has talked about weight loss and gains in his book, and he has spoken about the right way of eating. 

THE NO. 1 BESTSELLER IN AUSTRALIA AND THE UK, By Dr. Michael Mosley. Image Source: Simon & Schuster

5:2 diet is also one of his famous writings, and many people have followed the diet since. The 5:2 includes eating normally for five days per week, consuming 500–600 calories on the other two days, and many more.

His book has taught many people the right way to consume protein, calories, and another diet that helps us live healthy lives. 

If you are having a problem maintaining your body and living a healthy life with a perfect diet, you should look into his books and television series about medicine and health.

Michael Mosely Books And Television Shows

Most of Michael Mosely’s work is related to the Human body, diet, medicine, and psychology. He is a former doctor, and he knows medicine and psychology. 

Medical Mavericks is the first television show, which was shown on BCC Channel in 2007. Then, he made The Story of Science: Power, Proof, and Passion, a series released in 2010. 

His recent work in 2022 is Michael Mosley: Who Made Britain Fat?, shown on Channel 4. He has worked in more than 30 television shows to date.

Then, Michael started writing in 2013, and his first short book was The Fast Diet and Fast exercise, which came out in 2013. 

The fast life (2015), The 8-week blood sugar diet (2016), The Clever Gut die (2017), and The fast 800 diet, which is the most popular book. 

Fast asleep: improve brain function, lose weight, boost your mood, reduce stress, and become a better sleeper came out in 2020, and his last book till now was COVID-19: everything you need to know about the Corona Virus and the race for the vaccine, which came out in 2020 after covid. 

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