Michael Szatmary

People are searching for Michael Szatmary wikipedia as the stand-up comedian is one of the noted stage personalities hailing from Slovakia.

Szatmary is a well-known stand-up comedian, musician, DJ, and media professional in Slovakia.

He has been a member of the renowned comedy group “Silné Reči” since September 2012.

Michael performs live on stages around Slovakia, hosting shows and making people laugh with his unique humor.

In addition to his comedy career, Michael is also a spokesperson for the Central Association of Jewish Religious Communities since October 2016.

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Michael Szatmary Wikipedia And Vek: How Old Is Stand Up Comedian?

Michael Szatmary does not have a wikipedia page. While Szatmary’s date of birth is not mentioned, he is in his 40s since he was born in Slovakia in the mid-1970s.

Michael Szatmary grew up with a strong passion for electronic and synthesizer music, listening to bands like Depeche Mode, Alphaville, and Everything but the Girl.

At the age of 15, he founded his first band called The Bronx Avenues, and they performed in live shows across Slovakia.

After three years, Michael formed a new band called MM Flames with Maros Macek, driven by their mutual love for house music.

They became resident performers at the renowned house music club Boccaccio in Bratislava, Slovakia, where they played live every Friday.

By 1993, MM Flames was recognized as the top house music group in Slovakia.

However, Michael later went to Israel for an extended period of time, which led to the eventual breakup of the band.

Michael Szatmary is in his 40s as the stand-up comedian was born in Slovakia in the mid-1970s
Michael Szatmary is in his 40s as the stand-up comedian was born in Slovakia in the mid-1970s (Source: Dennik N)

In 1997, MM Flames reunited and formed a new project called Heaven Street Seven.

They signed with BMG Ariola in Slovakia and released their first singles, “Get Me” and “Like a Rain,” which became dance hits on Slovak radios and in clubs.

In 2003, the band released a demo CD titled “Bottom Line Amsterdam” and embarked on a successful tour of Slovak clubs, collaborating with other musicians.

In 2004, both members of MM Flames decided to pursue their individual paths, and Michael took a four-year break from composing music.

During this time, he performed as a DJ under his own labels, “House of Pressburg” or “DJew.” In 2008, Michael returned as a solo artist and resumed composing music.

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More On Michael Szatmary: Stand-Up Comedy Career

With his diverse career spanning stand-up comedy, media, music, and PR, Michael Szatmary has established himself as a prominent figure in Slovakia.

Szatmary is also a seasoned media professional, having worked as an international news reporter for TV Markiza for 8 years, from 2008 to March 2016.

During this period, he covered various national and international news events. Likewise, he worked as the editor-in-chief of Night News, a broadcast program.

Michael served in this position from November 2012 to 2014, in which he had full responsibility for building the content of the entire program.

Michael Szatmary's versatility has earned him a reputation as a highly respected and influential figure in Slovakia
Michael Szatmary’s versatility has earned him a reputation as a highly respected and influential figure in Slovakia (Source: Facebook)

Apart from his work in the media industry, Michael Szatmary is also a musician and DJ.

He has been involved in the music industry since January 1990 and has his own music project called “Michael Szatmary Music.”

He has also worked as a PR consultant for EURO RSCG, a marketing and advertising company, from January 2008 to June 2009 and as a PR manager for Publicis Knut from 2003 to 2006.

Szatmary continues entertaining audiences with his comedic performances, music, and media presence, creating a memorable experience for his fans.  

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