Michael Toro arrest

Michael Toro arrest and charge gained much public attention. The academy dean reportedly shoved down a 15-year-old student. Find out more about the violent incident below.

Michael Toro, the dean of students at Westchester Square Academy in the Bronx, is at the center of a recent incident.

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He was arrested and charged with assault for his involvement in a physical altercation between two students at the school, which resulted in a 15-year-old boy being injured.

Toro, who also serves as a football coach for Lehman Lions, has been sidelined from his coaching position due to this incident.

The question on many minds is, where is Michael Toro now, and is he currently in jail? Let’s take a deeper look into the shocking details.

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Michael Toro Arrest And Charged Misdemeanor Assault

Michael Toro, a 39-year-old dean of students at Westchester Square Academy, found himself in the midst of a school scuffle.

Michael Toro arrest
Westchester Square Academy dean Michael Toro arrest and charges have gained much public and media attention. (Image Source: Daily News)

The incident occurred on East Tremont Ave. in Pelham Bay, where two students were engaged in a fight during the day.

Toro intervened in an attempt to break up the altercation, but the consequences were severe. Marley Harris, a 15-year-old student, was reportedly shoved forcefully and hit his head on the ground during the intervention.

As a result of this violent encounter, young Harris was promptly rushed to Jacobi Medical Center for medical attention. Doctors suspected that he might have sustained a concussion during the incident.

Marley Harris courageously spoke to PIX11 News, recounting the traumatic incident. He claimed that the academy dean had picked him up and forcefully slammed him to the ground, causing him significant injuries.

Harris also claimed that Michael Toro threatened to repeat the assault if circumstances warranted it.

In a surprising turn of events, Marley Harris was suspended from school for five days while the dean, Michael Toro, remained unscathed.

Adding to the controversy, Jamar Harris, Marley Harris’ father, said that the school’s principal lied about the incident, asserting that it was merely an accident.

In his quest for justice, Jamar Harris decided to press charges against the staff member who had harmed his son, and he was determined to obtain security video footage to prove the real sequence of events.

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Is Michael Toro In Jail Now?

Michael Toro arrest sent shockwaves through the community. He was taken into custody on Thursday, 27 October 2023, and charged with misdemeanor assault.

Michael Toro arrest
The dean of students at Westchester Square Academy in the Bronx, Michael Toro has been released after being issued a desk appearance ticket. (Image Source: Pix11)

However, he was not held in jail. Toro was released after being issued a desk appearance ticket and given a court summons, requiring him to appear in court in November.

In light of the charges and the ongoing investigation, Michael Toro has been reassigned away from the school and students.

He now faces potential termination if he is convicted. So, to answer the pressing question, Michael Toro is not in jail at this time, but the legal system will determine the consequences of his actions.

This incident has raised concerns about safety and accountability within the school system and highlights the need for thorough investigations to uncover the truth of such unfortunate events.

As the legal proceedings unfold, the fate of Michael Toro, the dean of students who was charged with misdemeanor assault, remains uncertain.

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