Mick Slattery

Mick Slattery wife name has been one of the hot topics lately as the Hawkwind guitarist has passed away aged 77. 

Mick Slattery was one of the founding members of the rock band Hawkwind. The band originally performed at All Saints Hall in Notting Hill, a lack of band name meaning they were initially famous as Group X. It soon settled on Hawkwind, allegedly due to Turner’s flat habit of clearing his nose and breaking wind.

Furthermore, Slattery played on an original version of Hurry On Sundown, recorded by the band Hawkwind Zoo during some early studio time to record demos that ultimately emerged on a 1996 reissue of the debut album Hawkwind. 

Slattery left the band in 1969 and was replaced by Huw Lloyd-Langton. Despite that, he continued to make music with performers who’d played in Hawkwind. 

Mick Slattery Wife: Was He Married?

Following the death news of Mick Slattery, fans and well-wishers are paying tribute to him via various social media platforms. With the devasting info, people are also concerned about the late musician’s personal life.

Mainly, Slattery’s fans are asking questions related to his married life. However, it is unknown whether he was married or not. Also, the Hawkwind guitarist always kept his love life to himself.

mick slattery wife
Mick Slattery giving his performance in a concert. ( Source: Facebook )

Due to his low-key nature, none of the verified outlets can track details regarding his wife or partner. So, further information about his love life can’t be shared.

Moreover, Slattery was close to everyone, and he had a good bond, due to which his sudden death news left everyone shattered and shocked.

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Mick Slattery Illness Before Death

Unfortunately, after battling a short illness, Mick Slattery passed away on March 17, 2023. In a Facebook post on Saturday, the Hawkwind band announced that Mick died peacefully at home.

At the time of his death, Slattery was 77 years old, but none of the public sources were aware of the actual death cause. Also, we are unknown what Slattery’s illness was that took his life away.

Mick Slattery Death
Hawkwind announced the sad news of Mick Slattery’s death on Facebook. ( Source: Facebook )

After the information was announced publicly, tributes and condolences began pouring on social media, and many renowned figures have also left heart-touching messages on social media handles.

Dave Brock recalled the moment with Mick saying they played in a band called Famous Cure in 1967. They even toured Holland before forming Hawkwind in 1969. 

Brock and Mick had many memories together, from hanging out in Richmond at the L’Auberge Cafe to Eel Pie Island.

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Hawkwind Guitarist Mick Slattery Net Worth: His Career Earnings

Mick Slattery was a prominent guitarist who mainly worked with Hawkwind for a long time. He gave many hit songs to the band and did tours in many places.

Mick Slattery Friends
Mick Slattery was photographed together with his friends at Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary. ( Source: Facebook )

Due to that, Slattery has amassed a decent fortune, and his net worth is said to be in the millions. However, we cannot give the actual amount due to the lack of his income details. 

There is no doubt that Mick lived a quality life with his impressive bank balance. 

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