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Jacks Haupt is a Chicana singer-songwriter from Oak Cliff featured in the acclaimed documentary that had its local premiere at the Oak Cliff Film Festival.

Jack is focused on her mental state of mind, mainly on making new content for her lovely people. Haupt had her depression affect her to the point that sometimes she didn’t know if she wanted to continue the music.

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” Mija” was directed by Isabel Castro, a Mexican-American documentarian who makes the leap from TV to features with this Sundance Labs project.

Mija: Does Jack Haupt Have Boyfriend? Family And Ethnicity Details

Jack Haupt has not disclosed her relationship status. Like most celebrities, Haupt also likes to keep herself private.

However, Jack said in her interview that he had a massive crush on a boy in school who was in a band. They both were 16, and he taught Jack the basics of how to play guitar and to read guitar music notes.

The girl’s ethnicity is Mexican American. When Haupt signed a film, she was not on good terms with her parents. In a touchstone scene, Haupt has a gut-wrenching phone call with her mother. Making private family struggles public through filming seemed to widen the wedge in Haupt’s familial relations.

Jacks Haupt
Jacks Haupt in 3 AM song video
Source: Ambar Navarro

Haupt has not revealed the names of his parents or any information about her family background. However, she said that her parents have become more supportive since initially questioning her artistic dreams and being protective of her mental health and the family’s financial stability.

The singer grew up in Oak Cliff, and the neighborhood she lived in had a lot of color and creativity. Her grandfather was a musician back in his day, and he’d play his guitar in the living room. Haupt had admired him.

Moreover, Jack’s grandfather would always play some classic soul/rock from the 60s-70s through his old speaker. Jack got a lot of inspiration from her grandfather as he loved music as much as she did.

Jack Haupt Wikipedia: How Old Is Chicana Singer?

Haupt has not disclosed her birthdate, age, and height. Except for her career details, she is not much into sharing her private life with her fans.

Jack Haupt is a singer-songwriter and also was cast in the documentary Mija. She released a mini EP album. The singer collaborated with producers from different parts of Texas, such as Por Vida.

Jacks Haupt
Jacks Haupt on L.A. Latino Film Festival with director Isabel Castro
Source: Variety

Haupt is a career-oriented person who doesn’t give up on her difficult path. The singer has faced many issues during her journey, but instead of giving up, she became strongest. She had people ruining her potential and had been through mental breakdowns.

Jack’s songs genre is a bit of Pop, and a little bit of Chicano soul with R & B mixed all together. Haupt makes music for girls and gays. 

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Jack Haupt Net Worth And Career Details

The net worth of Jack Haupt is unknown, but we can assume that she earns massive amounts through her excellent albums and documentary. Haupt’s music inundates a classic Chicana style with a mix of alternative rhythms, elements of R&B and soul, and relevant bilingual lyrics.

Haupt is popularly known through the documentary Mija. Apart from her role in the Mija, she is a brilliant singer and a songwriter.

The singer is credited for her songs 3 am, That 70’s Show, California Dreamin’, Exotica, Time, Summer of 1980, 35mm, FIN, and The Moon Is Beautiful.

Jack said her experiences documented in the film taught her to be open-minded and grateful, especially toward her hometown. Haupt’s most significant accomplishment is having Michelle Phan reach out to her to promote her “3 am” song. 

Jacks Haupt
Jacks Haupt with her band
Source: Instagram

The song she hated the most ended up being a hit with others. The girl also performed at Tress for the first time this year. She loves acting, seeing people’s faces, and feeling their energy when she is on stage.

With the premiere of “Mija” behind her, Jack was looking ahead to a slot as an official South by Southwest showcasing artist in March, releasing a few new videos and more music.

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