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After professional baseball third baseman Mike Shannon passed away on April 29, 2023, people are searching for Mike Shannon Health issues before his death. 

Former American professional baseball player Mike Shannon served as a St. Louis Cardinals announcer for many years. On July 15, 1939, he was born in St. Louis, Missouri.

Shannon played his entire 9-year Major League Baseball career with the St. Louis Cardinals, from 1962 to 1970. He was a versatile player, primarily a third baseman and outfielder, and was known for his power-hitting and solid defense.

With the Cardinals, he was a part of three National League champion teams and two World Series winning teams in 1964 and 1967. Shannon rose to fame as a Cardinals broadcaster after his playing career ended in 1972.

He spent more than 50 years as a broadcaster for the team, working as a color commentator alongside play-by-play announcer Jack Buck for many years. Mike’s distinctive voice and colorful commentary made him a favorite among Cardinals fans.

The player has been involved in numerous business endeavors in the St. Louis region, including owning a number of restaurants and pubs, in addition to his broadcasting job.

Mike Shannon remains a beloved figure in St. Louis and is considered one of Cardinal’s greatest players and broadcasters.

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Mike Shannon Health Issue Before Death

At the age of 83, a two-time World Series winner and seasoned St. Louis Cardinals broadcaster passed suddenly.

The St. Louis Cardinals reported his passing on Sunday. His team has not cited when and the reason for his death yet.

Cardinals owner Bill DeWitt Jr. states, “Mike’s special relationship with Cardinals fans and his fellow players was reflected in his unrestrained enthusiasm for the game, St. Louis, and the Cardinals community.”

Now, after his death, people are searching for Mike Shannon’s health issues before his death.

Although Mike Shannon’s exact health problems before his death haven’t been revealed yet, it is known that his playing career ended several decades ago due to his kidney disease.

Mike Shannon Health
Mike Shannon’s death has shocked and disheartened many people throughout the globe. (Source: New York Post)

Likewise, he also had previously battled health problems, including heart issues that required surgery in 2014. Despite several health challenges, Mike remained active and involved in his broadcasting and business ventures in the St. Louis area before his death.

Starting in 1972, Shannon worked in the broadcast booth for 50 years. Following a brief stint in the front office, he played for his hometown team for nine seasons, including the first two with future Hall for Famer Stan Musial.

Hearing his demise, the entire St. Louis Cardinals community and all of his doting fan base are extremely saddened and disheartened.

What Disease Does Cardinals Broadcaster Mike Shannon Have?

A prolific and dedicated St. Louis Cardinals broadcaster and World Series champion of two times, Mike Shannon passed away on Saturday. After his death, it is natural for fans to search for his disease before his death.

In 1970, it was revealed that Mike had nephritis, a kidney disease that almost cost him his life back then. After his diagnosis, he gave up on his playing career.

 Mike Shannon Health
St. Louis Cardinals broadcaster was diagnosed with a kidney disease named nephritis. (Source: WSAZ 3

Shannon spent a brief time in the front office before switching to the broadcasting booth for the 1972 campaign. Before retiring after the 2021 season, he worked there for almost 50 years.

After his death, Mike is survived by his two sons, second wife, three daughters, nine great-grandchildren and 18 grandchildren. 

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