Mike Snyder Missing Person

Mike Snyder missing person: The Albuquerque native Mike was found dead. Take a look to know is it a murder or suicide case. 

Mike Snyder was a 43 years old man from Albuquerque who was a master mechanic. Further, Mike graduated high school in 1976 and soon attended an automotive college. 

Snyder was kind and generous and loved by everyone in his circle. Mike was fond of skiing and using his jet boat. Further, he lived with his wife and son until he went missing on January 11, 2002. 

Snyder shortly became a news headline for his mysterious disappearance, and by the time of his missing, Mike was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. 

Mike Snyder Missing Person Found Dead

Mike Snyder’s missing case went cold for about eight years until February 2010.

Everyone was captivated by knowing about the case, and after eight years, in February 2010, information led the investigators back to the Snyder home, which is currently owned by someone else.

Mike Snyder Missing Person Found Dead
Mike Snyder’s case went cold for about eight years until his dead body was found in his house’s backyard. (Source: The Cinemaholic)

They found Mike’s remains buried in a tarp in the house’s backyard. An autopsy of the remains confirmed that Mike was shot and killed.

Ellen, Mike’s wife, stated that she informed his family about Mike’s disappearance and tried to contact him multiple times but didn’t hear from Mike over the next few months.

Likewise, Investigation Discovery’s true crime series “American Monster: Anything for You” dig into the case and talks about the story of Mike’s murder case and how the tip led to the discovery of Mike’s remains and, eventually, the arrest of Ellen Snyder. 

Ellen was just the suspect in the case, and she made everyone believe that Mike had run away and was still alive. Ellen tried to cover up the crime from everyone. 

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Mike Snyder Murder Or Suicide Case?

Mike Snyder’s case is a murder case; however, his wife Ellen made everyone believe that he was still alive until the tip led authorities back to the Snyder’s home, where Mike’s body was buried. 

Likewise, an autopsy report confirmed gunshot wounds to the body. On February 5, 2010, Mike’s wife, Ellen, was arrested for his death. The pair had a son who later told what he knew about the incident. 

Mike Snyder Murder
A photo of Mike Snyder and his son. (Source: Glossyfield)

In Ellen’s statement, she recalled the events of that night, saying, “I start shooting… I shot the wall. I shot the TV. I shot the floor.” 

Their 17-year-old son tried to call the police, but Ellen convinced him not to call and left Mike’s body in the hallway, covered with a comforter. Ellen hired a backhoe to dig up a hole in her backyard and forced her son, Michael to help her bury the body.

Additionally, Ellen pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter with a firearm enhancement, tampering with evidence in connection to Michael’s death and tax fraud. 

Where Is Ellen Snyder Now?

In the case of Mike Synder, Ellen Synder was sentenced to 11 years behind bars which was the maximum sentence she could face. 

Ellen Snyder Now
Mike Snyder’s wife, Ellen Snyder was sentenced to 11 years. (Source: Glossyfield)

In 2018, Ellen was eligible for parole. Upon her release, Ellen reportedly returned to North Albuquerque Acres, where she reintegrated into society and lived a low-key life.

Further details regarding her current status remain unknown as Ellen has maintained huge privacy in her life, and none of the media has covered info regarding her ongoing lifestyle.

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