Mike Tyson Daughter Drowned

Contrary to the rumor that Mike Tyson’s daughter drowned and died, Exodus Tyson passed away in a treadmill accident.

If you love watching boxing and professional fights, then you won’t fail to recognize the renowned boxer Mike Tyson. He is one of the best heavyweight boxers of all time.

The former professional fighter completed from 1985 to 2005. The former boxer has come into the spotlight due to various legal issues. As a result, there has also been considerable curiosity regarding his personal life.

While exploring the former boxer’s personal life, one can’t help remembering how Mike Tyson’s daughter tragically died at a young age. 

Mike Tyson Daughter Did Not Drown: She Died In A Treadmill Accident

The passing of his four-year-old daughter, Exodus Tyson, must be the horrible and regretful accident in the former fighter’s life.

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According to sources, Mike Tyson’s son, Miguel Tyson, found Exodus unconscious and tangled in a cord from a treadmill machine around her neck. The then-seven-year-old boy immediately informed his parents.

The unfortunate incident occurred on 25 May 2009. Exodus’ mother tried to give CPR and called 911. The baby girl was taken to the hospital and kept on life support.

Mike Tyson Daughter Drowned
Mike Tyson’s daughter, Exodus Tyson, with her elder brother, MIguel Tyson. (Image Source: TheCinemaholic)

Mike Tyson – who was in Las Vegas then – rushed back to Phoenix, Arizona. Sadly, medical professionals pronounced Exodus Tyson dead the next day at 11:45 am. She died of her injuries.

There was a time when rumors claimed Exodus drowned and passed away. But all of them are just groundless speculations.

Exodus was merely playing with the cords, Phoenix Police Department spokesperson Sgt. Andy Hill revealed this in a press conference. When the accident occurred, the machine wasn’t operating, and she wasn’t on a treadmill.

After the incident, the Tyson family released a statement. They said there were no words to describe the tragic loss of their beloved Exodus.

The family also asked to respect their privacy at this difficult time.

Mike Tyson Didn’t Want To Know If Someone Was Responsible For His Baby Girl’s Death

Over the year, the former boxer has occasionally opened up about the tragic incident. But Mike hardly was ever with a composed voice and regular expression.

Five months after his daughter’s passing, Mike Tyson gave one of the more well-known interviews when he appeared on Oprah Winfrey’s show and broke down in tears as he talked about her.

Mike Tyson acknowledged that he didn’t want to learn if someone was responsible for his daughter’s death.

“There was no evident animosity. There were no resentments towards anybody. I don’t know how my daughter died, and I don’t want to learn how she passed away. If I know someone to blame for the incident, there will be a problem.”

The guilt and resentment would not have made it impossible for both parties to move forward if someone had been responsible for the young girl’s death.

Mike Tyson daughter Drowned
Mike Tyson admitted that he didn’t want to know who was responsible for Exodus’ death. (Image Source: The Sun)

Mike Tyson is A Proud Father Of Seven Children

The former professional fighter had seven kids, but he has only six now. They are –  Miguel, Mikey Lorna, Amir, Milan, and Morocco, Rayna.

Mikey Lorna is the first child of Mike Tyson, whom he shares with Kimberly Scarborough. Mike and Kimberly had an affair but were not married.

Rayna and Amir Tyson are the WBA title holder’s second and third child with his second spouse, Monica Turner.

Likewise, he had a fourth and fifth baby, Miguel and Exodus, with Sol Xochitl. Finally, Tyson’s sixth and seventh kids – Milan and Morocco – were born from his current wife, Lakiha Spicer.

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