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Milaysia Fulwiley is a talented basketball player hailing from Columbia, South Carolina.

She gained recognition for her exceptional skills and athleticism, earning a reputation as a rising star in the sport.

Fulwiley made a remarkable debut in her collegiate career, leaving a lasting impact with her standout performances for the South Carolina Gamecocks.

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Milaysia Fulwiley Wikipedia And Biography 

Milaysia Fulwiley, born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina, is a rising basketball star who has garnered significant attention for her exceptional skills and athleticism.

Fulwiley’s journey in basketball began in her high school years at WJ Keenan High School, where she left an indelible mark.

She became the program’s all-time leading scorer and received an All-America nod during her senior year.

Winning four state titles in six years on the varsity team, she displayed her dominance in high school basketball, setting the stage for her collegiate career.

Milaysia Fulwiley Wikipedia
Milaysia Fulwiley is a rising basketball star, making a sensational debut for a great future. (Image Source: Instagram)

In 2023, Fulwiley made her debut for the South Carolina Gamecocks, where she was highly anticipated by fans and coaches alike.

Her arrival was met with great excitement, as she was hailed as a “generational” talent by Gamecocks coach Dawn Staley.

This anticipation was well-founded, as Fulwiley wasted no time making her mark on the collegiate basketball scene.

In her debut game against Notre Dame, she scored 17 points, showcasing her scoring ability and court vision.

Her standout moment came when, in the 10th minute of her collegiate career, she executed a highlight-reel move that left fans and basketball legends in awe. 

Her remarkable debut caught the attention of basketball legend Magic Johnson, who called it “the best move in all of basketball,” even when compared to NBA professionals like LeBron James, Stephen Curry, and Kevin Durant.

Fulwiley’s impact on the court goes beyond scoring, as she also contributed with assists and steals, making her a well-rounded player.

As a freshman, Fulwiley’s future in collegiate basketball looks promising.

Her athleticism, skills, and ability to perform under pressure have established her as a player to watch, and she is expected to be a key player for the South Carolina Gamecocks.

The basketball world eagerly awaits to see how Fulwiley’s career unfolds.

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Milaysia Fulwiley Age And Height: How Tall Is A Basketball Player?

Milaysia’s age and height, particularly, have become topics of interest for those following her burgeoning career.

Fulwiley’s exact age may not be readily available, as personal details like birthdates may not always be publicly disclosed for young athletes.

She is typically categorized as a freshman player during the 2023-24 women’s college basketball season, which suggests that she likely began her college basketball career in the traditional age range of 18 to 19 years.

Milaysia Fulwiley Wikipedia
Milaysia Fulwiley’s age is undisclosed, but she stands at 5 feet 10 inches. (Image Source: Instagram)

Regarding her height, Milaysia Fulwiley stands at an impressive 5 feet 10 inches (178 centimetres).

In women’s basketball, this height is considered above average and provides her with a valuable physical advantage on the court.

As a guard, her height allows her to handle the ball, score, and contribute defensively effectively.

Her combination of athleticism and height has contributed to her reputation as a dynamic player with the potential to make a significant impact in collegiate and potentially professional basketball.

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