Min Yoongi Brother

The BTS army has gone all gaga over Min Yoongi brother after the legendary SUGA attended the wedding and delivered a heartfelt speech.

Min Yoongi, popularly known by his stage name Suga, is a South Korean rapper, music producer, and songwriter. 

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He is a member of the popular South Korean boy band BTS, where he contributes as a rapper and songwriter.

Suga has gained recognition for his distinctive rapping style and introspective lyrics.

He has also released solo music under the name Agust D and has received critical acclaim for his solo work.

Recently, he has been all over the Internet for attending his brother Min Geum Jae’s wedding and winning everyone’s hearts with his wonderful speech at the marriage.

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Who Is Min Yoongi Brother, Min Geum Jae?

After Min Yoongi (SUGA) recently attended his brother (Min Geum Jae)’s wedding, people worldwide searched for these brothers.

Suga exhibited heartfelt sibling love at his brother’s wedding, garnering significant attention as he spoke about his brother’s significant role in his journey as a musician.

To detail, during the ceremony held in their hometown of Daegu on July 2, Suga delivered a congratulatory speech.

Min Yoongi brother
Suga and Min Geum Jae also known as Fish Bread Brothers hugged each other at the latter’s wedding ceremony (Source: Pinterest)

The BTS rapper expressed gratitude and addressed the guests as the groom’s younger brother on behalf of their parents.

Due to their striking resemblance, SUGA and his brother, known as the ‘Fish Bread Brothers’, shared a warm embrace during the speech.

Furthermore, Suga playfully teased his brother for tearing up and shared warm wishes for the couple’s happiness.

The audience applauded SUGA’s touching words, and his brother became tearful. The BTS Army along with other netizens are pretty content with this news.

Min Geum Jae Wife And Marriage Photo

Min Geum Jae, also called Min Junki, is a South-Korean personality, popular for being the older brother of Min Yoongi, the noted BTS singer.

While it is pretty hard to maintain a normal life after being SUGA’s sibling, Min Geum has tried his best to avoid the limelight until today.

Recently, Geum’s name has been all over the Internet after he married and BTS’ SUGA attended the wedding of his beloved brother.

SUGA made a memorable gesture by sending congratulatory flowers to the couple at the wedding venue, with a wreath bearing the message ‘BTS SUGA MIN YOONGI’.

He prepared a congratulatory speech representing both sets of parents, showing strong support as his brother embarked on a new journey with his bride.

Min Yoongi Brother
Being a private ceremony, the name and pictures of Min Gaeum Jae’s bride have not been revealed (Source: AllKpop)

Several photos of Suga dressed in a stylish suit at the wedding have emerged online and gained significant popularity, spreading widely across the internet.

However, as it was a private affair restricted to family members, no images or information regarding the bride or other wedding specifics have been made public.

Additionally, it has been reported that the bride and groom’s fathers conducted the wedding ceremony, opting not to involve an external officiator.

The groom’s famous brother placed floral wreaths with personalized messages and announced a 3-day encore of his ‘D-Day’ concert in Seoul after his world tour.

Despite recently concluding his D-DAY TOUR, SUGA travelled to Daegu and attended his brother’s wedding ceremony, emphasizing the occasion’s significance.

As mentioned, SUGA has expanded the tour by adding extra performances at the KSPO Dome in Seoul, scheduled for August 4, 5, and 6.

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