Mirugi Dishon Wife

Elizabeth Githinga, Mirugi Dishon’s wife, committed suicide in his Kahawa West residence.

According to Citizen, the Kenyan Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) is now looking into the death of preacher Elizabeth Githingi, who was discovered dead at the home of Kikuyu gospel musician Mirugi Dishon.

It’s finally becoming clear how a pastor named Elizabeth Githinga passed away in the home of a Kikuyu gospel performer. After it was discovered that the pastor had passed away on Saturday, March 18, the gospel artist Mirugi Dishon was called to the scene.

According to what the singer told the authorities, he left the woman washing clothes, but when he returned, she had already passed away.

Mirugi Dishon Wife: Elizabeth Githinga Died In His House

As per Kikuyu gospel artist Mirugi Dishon, his wife named Elizabeth passed away at his Kahawa West home by committing suicide.

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Since Elizabeth was already dead, the local medical staff declined to pick up the body. (Source: pulselive.co.ke)

The musician had been popular all day when news broke that a preacher named Elizabeth Githinga passed away in his home on March 18, 2023, on a Saturday. 

The singer, who is currently being investigated in connection with the pastor’s death, allegedly said that they were formerly lovers and that she had come from Nakuru to see him on Saturday.

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Mirugi asserted that she volunteered to do some cleaning for him when she arrived at his Kahawa West home as he rapidly went to perform errands along Thika Road.

Is Mirugi Dishon Arrested?

No, Mirugi Dishon has not been arrested. According to Citizen, the Kenyan Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) is now looking into the death of preacher Elizabeth Githingi.

On Sunday, the musician went back to the Kasarani police station to provide a statement on Elizabeth’s passing. (Source: pulselive.co.ke)

The musician claimed that when he got home, he discovered the woman had committed suicide and decided to transport her body immediately to the hospital. He informed the Police that he had hurried to the Acaranda Maternity, a hospital, but that the staff there had refused to remove the body and had instead recommended he contact the Police.

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He was informed that he should have alerted them when he discovered the bones by the Police personnel at the Kasarani Police Station and two other stations because they did not also take the remains.

Did Elizabeth Githinga Commit Suicide?

According to Nairobi News’ investigations, Ms. Wanjiru, his ex-girlfriend, hanged herself in his home in the Maziwa neighborhood of Kahawa West in the Kasarani Sub-County.

According to a Police record obtained by Nairobi News, Mr. Mathenge informed the officers at the Kahawa West Police station that he had left his House for Thika Road but couldn’t reach his wife since she was out of the House and was unresponsive.

Elizabeth had visited the musician on Saturday, March 18, 2023, and after a brief talk, he left her to finish cleaning the House. Officers from this command and Kasarani, who were on standby, reached the place, verified the incident, and established this information.

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The Police who responded to the scene concluded that Mr. Mathenge shouted when he discovered her dead dangling from the top of the closet, and neighbors helped him get to the hospital quickly.

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