Eve Gilles Miss France 2023

Eve Gilles weight loss news is trending on the web. If you want to know more about this matter, read this article till the end.

Eve Gilles is a French beauty queen whose name came into the media prominence after being crowned Miss France 2024.

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Furthermore, Gilles is believed to be the first contestant to win the competition with a pixie cut.  Likewise, Eve was crowned Miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais in 2023.

As Miss France, she receives various prizes, awards, and gifts from sponsors. These include a car, a week’s stay in Guyana, and return tickets to Cayenne.

After winning the title of Miss France 2023, people are eager to know more about her weight loss journey. So, the details have been shared here.

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Has Eve Gilles Done Weight Loss?

Eve Gilles weight loss news has gone viral on various social media platforms and people have asked multiple questions regarding this matter.

Not to mention, Gilles looks slim and it may have been the reason why everyone is concerned about Gilles’ weight. There is no doubt that Eve has surely lost weight.

Eve Gilles weight loss
Eve Gilles body has created a buzz on the web and everyone wants to know more about her weight loss. ( Source: Instagram )

Furthermore, the topic of her weight loss got more into the limelight after Gilles won the title of Miss France 2023.

Throughout their year as Miss France, winners must maintain their weight, avoid displaying tattoos, and most importantly, keep the same hairstyle without any changes.

Meanwhile, Eve’s appearance has also created a buzz on the web. Likewise, multiple sources have posted photos of Eve which can be explored easily.

Eve Gilles Before And After Photo Explored

Eve Gilles before and after photo is among people’s search and it all started after online users started to search for the beauty queen’s weight loss.

There is no doubt that Eve has lost her weight. Following that, people are concerned about her journey. In the same way, online portals have compared Eve’s before and after photos.

Eve Gilles Before And After Photo
Eve Gilles is a beauty queen who has a slim fit body which often makes rounds on the internet sources. ( Source: Instagram )

Not to mention, it can be said that Eve may have maintained her diet to look slim. On the other hand, she has also been open about her appearance.

Recently, Gilles said she had to stretch her under-sized body to enter the contest. Her challenges in achieving her dream of becoming a beauty queen came to light when criticism arose, suggesting she looked too boyish.

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Eve Gilles Talks About Body Shaming

Eve Gilles has opened up about her appearance and said she suffered a wave of body-shaming by trolls upset over her androgynous look.

Likewise, Gilles described her appearance as ‘androgynous’ and had openly advocated for diversifying beauty standards, aiming to showcase the contest’s modernity.

Eve Gilles Body Shaming
Eve Gilles won the title of Miss France 2023 and she has been open about bodyshaming. ( Source: Instagram )

She also received tons of comments on social media after swimsuit pictures were shared during the contest. Gilles told Le Parisien, a French newspaper, “I stopped looking at these comments saying I’m thin, I have no shape, whatever.”

Gilles’ hair has also caught everyone’s eye and she has said that criticism over hair doesn’t bother her. While talking about her body, she said,

“But I don’t choose my body. I don’t choose my shape. The metabolism I have, I don’t choose it.” 

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