Miss Pacman

The Miss Pacman murder case has again surfaced on social media, and many are terrified by looking at the Miss Pacman viral video on Reddit.

Alejandra Ico Chub, also known as Miss Pacman, was brutally assassinated by her husband in her bed at home on Monday, October 29, 2018.

Sadly, there are not many details about Alejandra on the internet. Many have seen the viral video and have reacted to it.

One can sense the video is brutal just by reading some of the comments it has received.

It is sure the viral reel that shows inhumane actions and has inappropriate blood and major cuts to Miss Pacman.

Due to its horrific and gory content, the video is still accessible online, and it is unknown when it will be removed.

Many are still wondering if Miss Pacman got justice or not after watching the viral face-cut video that has spread everywhere on social media.

Miss Pacman Murder Case

The Miss Pacman murder case has again gained attention after the face-cut video resurfaced on multiple social media platforms, especially Reddit.

As per the source, a machete was used to mutilate Alejandra. Neighbors from La Isla del Norte in San Miguel, Chisec, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala, heard her calls for assistance.

Alejandra’s partner, Mario Tut Ical, who carried out the crime, escaped after performing such horrific actions on her wife.

The viral Miss Pacman murder case video shows Alejandra, attacked with a machete, crying in agony with her face shattered in two.

This is undoubtedly one of the most horrifying gore videos ever since it depicts a human being in an abhorrent condition immediately following a fatal machete assault.

Miss Pacman Murder Case
Miss Pacman murder case is again gaining attention as her video is spreading on Reddit. (Source: Elimparcial)

Seeing the woman groaning in agony as she waits to pass away is awful.

The instance occurred in a town in Guatemala, according to the little details that one site user provided in the comments section of this page.

Because Alta believed she was cheating on him, the woman’s husband assaulted her and killed her with multiple machete strikes.

The police eventually detained her spouse, but she later passed away from her wounds. It is unsure where her husband is currently.

It is immediately clear from the footage that the woman was in critical condition and would not survive her wounds.

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Miss Pacman Video Gone Viral On Reddit

Miss Pacman’s face-cut video has surfaced everywhere, especially on Reddit, which allows adult content.

The video shows a woman suffering from pain as her face is split in two by a fatal machete blow. The reel is scarier than most horror films and shows inhuman actions.

Miss Pacman, who was the victim, sadly passed away, and due to a lack of information, it is yet to be confirmed whether justice has been served.

Multiple communities on Reddit have added the video. The short film is not for the chicken-hearted; for one who dares to see it, the video would hunt one for months, if not days.

Miss Pacman
Two hearings were scheduled against Mario Tut Ical, the femicida who killed his co-habitant Alejandra Icó, (Source: Medium)

As per a comment, a Redditor commented that this was undoubtedly one of the worst courses of action. Your spouse is standing over you as you end your life in front of your child while you are still aware. Humans are nasty, and they will eventually ruin our lovely world.

Similarly, another Redditor analyzed the viral video and eradicated the confusion of other netizens with his comment.

The comment mentioned that the neighbors, not children, as some comments claim, are the ones shouting in the rear because they couldn’t aid her after seeing what they witnessed.

The machete completely took off her hands and split her face in two, almost completely removing the upper portion. As the user mentioned, for 30 minutes she was wailing and slowly passing away. Unbelievable.

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