Colby Richards Weight Loss

Colby Richards, who went missing one week ago, has been found. Following the news, “Colby Richards weight loss” has been trading online.

The father of two disappeared after leaving his house without a phone or wallet in the early morning on 26 May. The 32-year-old was found walking in The Woodlands in Montgomery County, Texas, about 43 miles north of Houston.

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The family, including his wife, Callie Richards, was overjoyed with the safe return of their beloved person. Immediately after Colby was discovered, his family broke the news via a Facebook post, saying, “Hallelujah and praise the Lord!!! Colby has been found alive!.”

The Richards family thanked everyone for their help in finding Colby Richards.

However, the questions about Richards’ condition and his missing continue swirling around. At the same time, people have been curious if Colby lost weight during this time. Let’s explore more in regard below.

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Missing Texas Colby Richards Weight Loss Before And After: Health Update 2023

Authorities didn’t disclose Colby Richards condition immediately. Also, it is a mystery why and how he went missing.

Thus, whether or not the Texas man has lost weight is unknown. However, he was missing for over a week without money and probably without eating anything or drinking water. An individual experiencing the same situation will inevitably lose significant weight.

Colby Richards Weight Loss
The immediate condition of the missing Houston man Colby Richards, who was found on Friday, has not been made public. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

According to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, Colby is scheduled to speak with police as they seek to determine why he was missing for more than a week.

But, it will take some time before he is interviewed because the 32-year-old is currently being treated by mental health professionals.

Richards’ family stated that he is recovering in the hospital in a subsequent social media post made after he was found.

They said they don’t know precisely when he will be released. They continued he was in good hands with the medical team and were praying for a full recovery.

Nonetheless, Colby Richards has been found alive and is in the care of good medical health professionals, though his condition has not been made public.

Colby Richards Had Strange Behaviours

In an interview with The Sun, Allison Fox, who has acted as a representative of the Richards family, disclosed that Colby occasionally went outside to meditate without his phone but never in the morning.

Richards is known as a well-liked baseball instructor who mentored talented young athletes in his neighborhood. Also, he landed a new position at an engineering firm just before his disappearance.

Colby Richards Weight Loss
Colby Richards with his wife Callie Richards and their baby. (Image Source: New York Post)

Colby’s workmates stated he had been drowsy and occasionally slept off at his computer screen in the days preceding the mysterious disappearance.

However, Allison Fox clarified to everyone that he was the father of two young kids and that sleeping less wasn’t unusual for him.

Fox thought her cousin (Colby) might have traveled a long distance while jogging as he is a great runner and athlete.

Allison expressed her fear he might have been evading search crews while going without water for days.

The leader of Gulf Search and Rescue, a team that helped with the search, admitted that the situation had left him perplexed and that he worries for Richards’ safety.

Jake Stovall said he hadn’t encountered a case like this during his 19 years career. “It’s quite unique,” added Stovall.

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