John Forsyth Wife

People are shocked by the news of missing doctor John Forsyth who vanished without a trace. Learn about the case and know what John Forsyth wife has to say.

The neighborhood is perplexed by a doctor’s mysterious disappearance. Concern among his coworkers and loved ones arose when Dr. John Forsyth, of Missouri, did not arrive for his planned shift at Mercy Hospital in Cassville on Sunday evening.

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Police were informed about his disappearance when Forsyth’s car was found abandoned at the Cassville Aquatic Center parking lot, just a short distance from the hospital.

The car doors were reported to be open by the police, and the keys remained inside, adding to the intrigue surrounding his absence.

At around 7 am on Sunday, Dr. Forsyth left his trailer outside the hospital, where he was last seen.

Missouri ER: Who Is Dr. John Forsyth Wife To Be?

The identity of Dr. John Forsyth wife to be ( fiancée) is yet to be revealed to the media and the public.

Days after finalizing the divorce from his ex-wife, the Missouri ER doctor became engaged. However, he disappeared without a trace on Sunday morning.

On the morning of his disappearance, the Missouri ER doctor was texting his new fiancee and even assured her that she would soon see him before he abruptly stopped replying.

John Forsyth wife
After he went missing, Dr. Forsyth’s car was discovered at the Cassville Aquatic Center parked in a strange spot. (Source: NY Post)

The fiancée of Dr. Forsyth, who asked to remain nameless, expressed her worries about his actions and called them “odd.” She admitted that since he vanished, she hasn’t spoken to him.

On May 21, around 7 am, Dr. Forsyth texted his fiance to inform her that he had ended his shift at the Mercy Hospital in Cassville.

According to an interview, the doctor said to her, “I’ll see you a little later.” But after a short while, the doctor stopped texting and was observed going to his RV, parked near the hospital.

Then, when a white SUV approached him, Forsyth’s Infiniti sedan was shown on security tape pulling up to the neighboring Cassville Aquatic Center.

Moreover, the father of seven had not revealed the engagement decision to his children. J.R. Forsyth, Forsyth’s son, revealed that he first became aware of the engagement two days after his father vanished.

When J.R. last spoke to his father, it had been about a month ago. However, he claimed that they had recently had a heart-to-heart conversation. Forsyth planned to visit him and other family members the same weekend in Utah.

Additionally, he said that he was aware of his father’s ‘hectic’ schedule between his work in the ER and the cryptocurrency business he co-founded with his brother Richard.

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Missouri ER: Meet Dr. John Forsyth Brother Richard

Missing Missouri ER doctor has a brother named Richard Forsyth. The brothers have a very close bonding, and they run a crypto company together. 

The brothers were raised in Canada. For school, they came to Missouri under the guidance of their parents.

Richard Forsyth, his brother, said he wants him to return home safely. He further added that the family loves and misses him. If he is away for valid reasons, the family understands but hopes to see him soon.

John Forsyth Brother
John Forsyth’s brother and the whole family are concerned about his disappearance and want to see him soon. (Source: New York Post)

Richard remarked on his brother’s mysterious disappearance, “He wouldn’t skip a shift even if his eyes were hanging out of their sockets. It immediately raised a red flag.

“People worried about how much he worked, but he always told me he loved it,” Richard said. He was enthusiastic about helping others, so he enjoyed it.

Richard acknowledged that Forsyth also engaged in one “hacker battle” with an online user and that Forsyth spent the majority of his free time thinking about ways to make cryptocurrencies beneficial to society. We’ve alienated certain people, he continued.

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