Mitchell Miller abused a teenage boy for over a year; the victim’s mother has confirmed the news.

Miller is a well-known American professional ice hockey league defenceman who debuted in 2018. He participated in the 2018–19 United States Hockey League season for the Cedar Rapids RoughRiders.

He just parted ways with the University of North Dakota hockey team and signed a three-year, entry-level deal with the Boston Bruins.

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The Arizona Coyotes took him in the 2020 Draft, where he played for two seasons before joining the Boston Bruins in 2022.

Mitchell Miller Incident

Miller and some of his friends violated the Ohio Safe Schools Act and were found delinquent in an Ohio juvenile court on charges of assault in 2016.

Again, in 2020 the Arizona Republic confirmed that he was charged with assaulting Isaiah Meyer-Crothers. 

With the assault, Meyer-Crothers was duped into licking a piece of candy covered in feces.

After the news came out in public, Miller and some of his friends involved in the assault were ordered to write an apology to the boy, were sent to counseling, were sentenced to 25 hours of community service, and paid court costs.

The buying lasted longer than the year, said the victim himself, Miller used to call him “brownie” and the “N-word” consistently, and he hit him every time he saw the boy. 

The bullying was very aggressive; they bullied the boy because of his race; he belonged to the African-American ethnicity and was Black. 

After some time, he shared the incident and apologized to the boy; he mentioned that he had made the wrong choice. 

He used a lot of inaccurate adjectives to describe the youngster in many screenshots and messages that went public. Seeing all of Miller’s messages was regrettable.

Also, the following note via Ty Anderson in support of Miller was released; they said he had apologized to the boy. 

Note From Ty Anderson
Note From Ty Anderson. (Image Source: Twitter)

But the victim’s mother said he had not apologized to the boy; he had only mentioned it to the public. 

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What Did He Say To Victim Mother, Joni Meyer?

The mother of Isaiah Meyer-Crothers says Mitchell bullied her adopted son for more than a year. The boy was developmentally disabled because of the bullying done in the school.

He was suffering from mental health for a long time; Miller always used words to say that he was adopted and his family did not love him. 

“As far as I’m concerned, he’s a monster,” Joni Meyer-Crothers said to NBC10 Boston Friday.

Miller told the boy that he has a Black mother and she will never love him like her own child. It was a very harsh word to say to any child. 

Because of the bullying, he started being alone for more time. He started talking less to his parents; they were concerned about his mental health. 

Mitchell recently apologized to her son via Snapchat; he apologized and said … ‘It has nothing to do with hockey.’ Well, it has everything to do with hockey,” she said.

Video of Victim Mother talking about the incident.
Video of the Victim’s Mother talking about the incident. (Image Source: Twitter)

For Miller, his mom was making it hard to make his career in a place she was time and again complaining about the bullying he did when he was in 8 grade. 

The victim’s mother said, “We’re going to hold him to a standard that he needs to understand that every one of us, as individuals, look in the mirror every day and respect for others and has to be, you know, unilaterally inclusive,” 

Before signing the contract with the Bruins, she started the controversy so that they would take a look before signing the contract. 

But Miller signed a three-year contract with the Bruins on November 4, 2022. 

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