Mitra Kassai

Mitra Kassai Wikipedia and alter is the most asked question by the fans. Here is everything on her family and net worth details. 

Mitra Kassai is a famous old hand in Hamburg’s music and cultural landscape. Further, she previously used to manage hip-hop legends like 5 Sterne Deluxe.

Mitra currently sits on the board of Rock City e.V., the association for encouraging young musicians & is an advisory board member of the Millerntor Gallery.

Further, as a founder of the non-profit initiative Oll Inklusiv, Kassai has been organizing “seniors and seniority” events since 2017.

Similarly, she manages events from the city’s clubs & street art tours to music bingo and graffiti workshops.

Besides, she is widely followed on social media handles, including Instagram, where Mitra has earned thousands of followers.

Explore Mitra Kassai Wikipedia Bio

Multiple questions have been asked about Mitra Kassai Wikipedia bio as Hamburg’s music and cultural landscape hasn’t yet taken her place on the official page of Wikipedia. 

Mitra is known for her professional career and has been in the vocation from initially. Although her bio is not yet featured on Wikipedia, various online sources have highlighted it on their sites. 

Mitra Kassai Wikipedia Bio
Mitra Kassai, the founder of the non-profit initiative Oll Inklusiv is still to be featured on the official page of Wikipedia. (Source: Ziet)

One of the sources has regarded Mitra Kassai as a doer with heart, sensitivity and charisma. Similarly, she is a woman with several lives: Hatter, cultural manager, DJ, and volunteer.

More to this, since 2007, Kassai has been involved with Viva con Aqua for clean drinking water worldwide.

Furthermore, Mitra also provides beautiful art on the advisory board of the Millerntor Gallery and supports the Hamburg Musicians’ Association Rock City. 

Similarly, in 2019, the City of Hamburg awarded Annemarie Dose Prize for Mitra’s social and innovative work with “Oll Inklusiv.”

And in one of the interviews, she shared that, from the prize money, she did further training to become a senior citizen’s assistant. 

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Mitra Kassai Alter- Meet The Oll Inklusiv Founder Family

Mitra Kassai alter is a fan’s concern as Kassai’s well-wishers have questioned her age and birth details. However, the complete detail of her age is currently unavailable on the media sources. 

Similarly, none of the media sources have updated the details regarding her birth and early life details, which is why Kassai’s age is still among the most asked questions. 

Mitra Kassai Alter
Mitra Kassai has been professionally active in the Hamburg cultural scene for many years. (Source: Femtastics)

Kassai has also rarely shared her details openly on media sources, so the personal details of Kassai remain mysterious at the moment. 

Likewise, she hasn’t shared any information regarding her parents and siblings. Therefore, the family details of the founder of Oll Inklusiv are yet to be updated. 

Well-wishers must wait longer to explore her family and personal details as she maintains a low-key profile when the topic is about her private matter.

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How Much Is Mitra Kassai Net Worth?

Mitra Kassai’s net worth must be millions of dollars. Besides, the exact value of Kassai’s net worth is still to be updated on online sources. 

Following her professional career, Kassai has earned much fame and money at the same time. So, Kassai must have bagged home hefty money as the music and cultural landscape. 

Mitra Kassai Net Worth
The City of Hamburg awarded Mitra Kassai the Annemarie Dose Prize. (Source: Emotion)

Mitra shares her primary motive is to provide good humor and be there in both individual and group care which includes making phone calls, helping with shopping or anything else they might need.

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