Mohammed Zubair

People are searching for Mohammed Zubair wife as the ALT News Founder has recently been a victim of death threats. Keep reading to learn more.

Zubair, an Indian journalist, is recognized as a co-founder of Alt News, a non-profit organization in India dedicated to fact-checking.

He has gained prominence for his staunch stance against disinformation and actively engages on Twitter.

Zubair has been embroiled in several controversies within India, including the 2022 Muhammad remarks controversy.

Recently, an FIR has been lodged in response to death threats made towards him. Based on Zubair’s complaint, an FIR has been filed against 15 individuals. 

The threats included the delivery of a 400-gram packet of pork to Zubair’s residence, which led to the exposure of his address in Bengaluru.

Zubair alleged that these accounts not only jeopardized his personal safety but also targeted his religious identity.

The complaint was submitted at the DJ Halli police station in Bengaluru, and the FIR was officially registered on April 9.

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Mohammed Zubair Wife- Is The ALT News Founder Married?

Yes, the ALT News founder, Mohammed Zubair, is married; however, the fact checker has not disclosed his wife’s name. She is commonly addressed as Mrs. Zubair.

Moreover, Mohammed Zubair is the father of three children, whom he has with his wife. He has two school-going sons and a little daughter.

In July 2022, Fact-checker Mohammed Zubair was detained for 23 days due to tweets that were alleged to have hurt Hindu sentiments. 

According to him, he had done nothing wrong and felt no need to be apprehensive. His primary aim was to uncover lies and call out those who promoted hate speech.

Mohammed Zubair, the ALT News Founder has recently been a victim of death threats
Mohammed Zubair, the ALT News Founder, has recently been a victim of death threats (Source: Al Jazeera)

“I will not halt my activities, and I have not done anything incorrect,” asserted the fact-checker in an interview with The Telegraph.

Zubair’s arrest took place on June 27, 2022, by the Delhi Police regarding a tweet from 2018.

Subsequently, he found himself entangled in multiple First Information Reports (FIRs) in Uttar Pradesh, governed by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

However, Zubair obtained interim bail from the Supreme Court on July 20, leading to his release on the same night.

The apex court provided him protection from future arrests related to the same subject matter and refused to impose restrictions on his tweet postings.

Following his release, Zubair disclosed that he refrained from posting tweets only because his mobile phone remained in police custody.

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Twitter: What Happened To Mohammed Zubair?

Netizens on Twitter have gone riot over the recent development of Mohammed Zubair’s case. 

Zubair lodged a complaint naming 15 Twitter handles, accusing them of publicly sharing his address, issuing death threats, and inciting hostility between groups.

One incident mentioned in the complaint involved a Twitter user with the handle @Cyber_Huntss, who allegedly sent Zubair a 400-gram packet of pork through a pet food website during the holy month of Ramadan.

On April 9, @Cyber_Huntss posted a tweet claiming to send Zubair pork which led to the disclosure of Zubair’s address in Bengaluru.

Mohammed Zubair is the father of three children, two school-going sons and a little daughter
Mohammed Zubair is the father of three children, two school-going sons and a little daughter (Source: The Cognate)

The FIR, filed in response to Zubair’s complaint, also references Ajeet Bharti, a self-proclaimed journalist who reportedly issued death threats against Zubair.

The police have charged @Cyber_Huntss and other individuals under different sections of the Indian Penal Code.

These sections include Section 505, Section 153A, Section 506, and Section 504.

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