Mollie Miles Death

There has been significant curiosity about Mollie Miles *****. Find out if the prominent car reading driver and engineer Ken Miles wife is dead or alive.

One of the most influential sports car racing engineers and drivers of the golden age, Ken Miles passed away nearly six decades after the famous motorsports personality passed while testing Ford’s J-Car.

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The British-American racer was best known for his motorsport career in the U.S. and for representing American teams on the international scene.

The American Motorsports Hall of Fame inductee finished second at Le Mans in 1966. Ken won in both the 24 Hours of Daytona and the 12 Hours of Sebring. Even after decades, people are still curious to learn what happened to Ken Miles’ wife and son.

Thus, here is everything we know about Mollie Miles and Peter Miles’ whereabouts.

Mollie Miles ***** News: Is Ken Miles Wife Dead Or Alive?

After her husband died tragically in 1966, Molie Miles continued her life away from the public eye. As a result, there is little information about Ken Miles’ wife.

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However, some sites reported that Mollie Miles is still alive. As per the unverified source, she was born around 1930 and is probably in her early nineties.

Mollie Miles *****
Actress Caitriona Balfe and Christian Bale as Mollie and Ken in the movie Ford v Ferrari. (Image Source: ClaireandJamie)

Many have also asked if Mollie remarried after Ken died at 46. But it is unclear whether she found a new love or not. Hopefully, Ken Miles’ widow is enjoying her life away from the media scrutiny.

Moreover, Mollie was left unfathomable after her spouse passed away. After the tragedy, she initially lived in California with her son, Peter.

The late racer’s spouse also used to be a racer. In addition, she served as a writer for Road & Track. She thanked thousands of people worldwide through Road & Track for their flowers and messages.

According to Mollie, nothing could make up for what she lost. But the love and generosity shown to her were incredible. 

Ken Miles Son, Peter Miles is Happily Married

Ken Miles’ son tied the knot with Patti Montgomery. Peter Miles’ spouse is from Somerset. The married duo is the proud parents of a daughter, Jaime Miles.

Ken’s granddaughter (Peter’s daughter) has also grown up and leading her life independently. Jaime got married to her fiance Jeff Moore on 26 January 2014.

Mollie Miles *****
Mollie and Ken Miles’ son, Peter Miles, with his daughter Jaime Moore in 2019. (Image Source: Freep)

At San Diego News and Talk Radio station 760 KFMB, Jeff works as a producer, production assistant, and board operator.

Peter Miles Worked As A Crew Chief

Growing up, Peter Miles, currently 72 years old, witnessed one of the most tragic incidents. He was still a teenager when his dad passed away in front of his eyes.

Although the tragic crash cut short the father-son duo’s time together, they had good times together. Ken often used to be absent after joining forces with Shelby.

So, Peter didn’t see him much. But Ken was a great Father who included his son in many activities and spent time with his beloved son.

In an interview with 24H Le Mans, Peter said that his Father used to play remote-controlled cars with him and take him to the testing sessions.

At home, Ken actively worked around the House and in the garden, but he would expect Peter’s help.

Ken Miles’ son joined his friend Dick Rroutman at teh Troutman and Barnes custom car shop after his demise.

After working for four years there, Peter joined PPI (Pricision Performance Inc.). He eventually became the crew chief. Peter served as a crew chief when Ivan Stewart won the 1991 Nissan 400 in Nevada.

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