Monica Cannady

Monica Cannady was the mother of three children who died from hypothermia. Their deaths have been ruled accidental.

According to officials, a Michigan woman and her two children were discovered frozen to ***** over the weekend.

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A third kid survived by enlisting the assistance of a stranger. According to Fox 2 Detroit, an autopsy found that all three perished due to hypothermia.

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According to the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, Monica Cannady, 35, and her kids Kyle Milton, 9, and Malik Milton, 3, were discovered at a park in Pontiac, Michigan, on Sunday afternoon.

Monica Cannady Michigan Mom, And Her Sons Kyle Milton And Malik Milton *****- Found Frozen In Park

Deputies were summoned to the 200 block of Branch Street around 3:10 pm Sunday (Jan. 15) after Cannady’s daughter informed someone her family had died, according to officials.

“A 10-year-old girl knocked on a door and stated her family was dead in a field,” Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard said.

Monica Cannady
Monica Cannady, 35, Kyle Milton, 9, and 3-year-old Malik Milton (source: Yahoo)

Officials combed the barren pastures near Lakeside homes. According to Bouchard, Cannady and her two sons were discovered dead in a field at the border of Crystal Lake, about a mile from their Pontiac apartment.

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Ms. Cannady’s surviving 10-year-old daughter sought assistance from a stranger living near the park and informed them that her family had perished. They called the cops, and the child was taken to the hospital, where she is currently in stable condition.

“This tragedy was the result of a mental health crisis,” stated Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard at a press conference on Monday.

According to authorities, Lillie survived and is being treated in the hospital for hypothermia-like symptoms. Her granny is beside her.

According to Bouchard, she is stable and looks to be healing well.

Lillie informed authorities that her family had gone to the field and that her mother had instructed the children to lie down and sleep. Officials added that her mother and brothers did not respond when Lillie awoke.

Was Monica Cannady Suffering From A Mental Health Crisis?

According to Bouchard, family members lately discovered Cannady’s mental health issues. According to investigators, her mother noticed a shift in her daughter’s conduct over the last three weeks but was unsure what caused it.

Cannady’s mother noticed her grandkids were chilly on Friday. According to Bouchard, family members attempted to assist Cannady, but she declined.

Monica Cannady
Michigan mother of three (source: Perezhilton)

“This was a mental health disaster,” stated Bouchard. “The woman, the mother, was going through a mental health crisis. 

She thought someone was attempting to kill her and that everyone was it, that it was a conspiracy, and that everyone, including the Police, was in on it.

“The family attempted to get her help, to commit her and get her some help, but she refused and escaped.”

This incident, according to Bouchard, might have been averted if better mental health resources had been available.

“I’d say accidental/preventable,” said Bouchard. “If we have more dialogues — sometimes difficult ones- we need to beg for support. It’s not a sign of weakness.

That it is promoted, and that more mental health treatments are available to everyone, I believe it will go a long way.”

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