Monica Macovei

Monica Macovei accident update is among people’s search, and if you are also one of them to know about the politician’s case, read this article till the end.

Monica Macovei is a Romanian politician and former Member of the European Parliament (MEP) known for her dedication to justice and anti-corruption efforts in Romania.

Before her political career, Macovei worked as a judge and advised the Romanian Ministry of Justice. Further, her most prominent role came in 2004 when she was appointed as Romania’s Minister of Justice.

During her tenure, she implemented substantial reforms to strengthen the rule of law, enhance the judicial system, and combat corruption, which played a pivotal role in Romania’s successful bid to join the European Union.

Apart from that, Macovei has also been involved in some controversies in her life, and her accident case often drags the politician into controversy.

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Monica Macovei Accident Update: Where Is She Now?

Monica Macovei’s accident update has been searched by many people on the internet sources. Not to mention, a motorcyclist was seriously injured in a traffic accident involving Macovei.

Following the accident, the motorcyclist was injured and was hospitalized. Recently, the prosecutor’s office attached to the Constanța Court of Appeal sent Monica to court.

Monica Macovei Accident
Monica Macovei was involved in an accident in 2022, and the news often gets into the controversy. (Source: monicamacovei)

Because of the accident, Monica faced accusations of causing serious injuries, as defined by Article 196, paragraphs 2 and 3 of the Criminal Code.

The recent update about the accident was shared recently, and more details may be updated later as everyone wants to know more about this matter.

Monica Macovei Arrest and Charge Details

After the recent update on Monica Macovei’s accident case, people have also been concerned about knowing about the arrest and charge details.

At the time of this post, Macovei has not been arrested, but people may have thought that she was detained due to her involvement in the accident that happened in 2022.

Monica Macovei Arrest
Monica Macovei has not been arrested, but the rumors are circulating on the web. (Source: Jurnalul)

Furthermore, she has recently asked the Constanța Court of Appeal’s Prosecutor’s Office to consider a plea agreement. She was involved in a road accident on October 8, 2022, resulting in the severe injury of a motorcyclist. 

This involved suing the investigating prosecutor and the prosecutor’s office they work for, the Constanța Court of Appeal’s Prosecutor’s Office.

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More Facts About Monica Macovei Accident

Monica Macovei was involved in an accident on October 8, 2022. While driving on DN 39 near Mangalia, Monica had a collision with IC’s motorcycle when she accidentally went in the opposite direction.

Furthermore, the accident caused injuries to IC, which may need 110-120 days of medical care, with a risk to the motorcyclist’s life if no complications occur.

Monica Macovei Accident
Monica Macovei shared a post on Facebook about her 2022 accident. (Source: Facebook)

According to an online report, Monica was tested with the alcohol test device, resulting in her not consuming alcohol. The report was given by the police, who reportedly had opened a criminal case against her.

Following the accident, Monica also shared the news on her Facebook account. She wrote, “Thanks to everyone who thought of me. Today, I was involved in a traffic accident. I’m starting to recover from the shock. Driving from May 2 towards Mangalia, on my lane and not on the crossroad, a motorcyclist crashed into the left wing of the car; at the moment the airbags went off, the front left tire snapped.”

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