Moody Awori Death News

Moody Awori death news has been flooding all over the Internet. Let’s confirm if the information is accurate or not through this article. 

Arthur Moody Awori, a Kenyan politician who served as the country’s Vice President from 2003 to 2008, was known for his long political career.

He started his political career in 1984 as a Member of Parliament representing Funyula Constituency and served under President Daniel in various positions as an assistant minister.

Awori attended Mang’u High School and Kakamega School for his secondary education. Then, he received an honorary doctor of law degree from Southern New Hampshire University in the United States.

Besides all his professional information attention, people are curious to learn about the death news going on the Internet. 

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Moody Awori Death News: Is Former Deputy President Of Kenya Dead Or Alive?

Awori’s family confirmed that he is alive and living a healthy life. Media personalities often face death rumors. 

The news about the former deputy president has been all over social media. The viewers who have been following the death news about the former president is just a rumor. 

People add fake posts to gain the attention and views they always wished for. So, we should get careful around people’s death news. 

The former deputy president of Kaney is 94 years old and living a healthy life; no severe issues have been shared about him in public. 

Former Vice President Awori when he spoke to Sunday Nation at His home in Nairobi on April 28, 2017.
Former Vice President Awori when he spoke to Sunday Nation at His home in Nairobi on April 28, 2017. (Image Source: Daily Nation)

Moody Awori, the former Kenyan Vice President, is retired from politics and spending time with his family.

Recently, rumors circulated about his death, but his family has confirmed that they were untrue. Therefore, the news of his death appears to be just a baseless rumor.

A Look At Moody Awori Family 

Awori was born into a large family to his parents, Canon Jeremiah Awori and Mariamu Awori. They welcomed him on 5 December 1928, Busia Kenya. 

Canon Jeremiah and Mariamu had 16 children, and Moody was one of them. He was raised with 15 siblings, and everyone shared a great bond with him.

His eldest brother Musa died in infancy from a snake bite. W.W.W. Awori, one of Moody’s brothers, served on the Legislative Council in the 1950s. 

Awori’s younger brother, Aggrey Awori, is a politician in Uganda who ran for the presidency in 2001, finishing in third place.

His sister, Mary Okelo, is the founder and CEO of the Makini Schools. His siblings were talented in their field, and everyone was well-known because of their work. 

The Awori family is one of the most successful families in the country.
The Awori family is one of the most successful families in the country. (Image Source: Daily Nation)

Another of Awori’s brothers, Professor Nelson Wanyama Awori, led the team that carried out black Africa’s first successful kidney transplant in 1978.

Awori comes from a family of accomplished individuals who has significantly contributed to their field. 

Moody Awori Net Worth Update 

Viewers have always been curious to learn about well-known personalities’ career earnings and net worth, so Awori’s net worth has also been discussed. 

According to the Source, the net worth of the former deputy president of Kenya is $5 million. 

Awori had not mentioned his salary when serving as president for over 25 years. He was private about his career earnings. 

Additionally, he might have another source of income, like business and investments, which should have been disclosed.

Moody was first elected as a Member of Parliament in 1984, representing Funyula Constituency in Western Province,

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