Moon Sua Health

Moon Sua health has been talked about a lot ever since her brother allegedly committed suicide due to poor mental health.

In fear of the same fate as her brother, people are trying to look after Moon Sua health and are investigating any potential illnesses.

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Moon Sua, a South Korean rapper, singer, MC, and lyricist, is currently signed under MYSTIC Story and is a member of the girl group Billlie.

She gained recognition after appearing on the competition show Unpretty Rapstar 2 in 2015 and finishing as the third runner-up.

In 2016, YG Entertainment, the famous K-pop label, announced their plans to debut a new girl group, which would later become BLACKPINK.

Sua was considered a possible candidate for the group but was not officially included in the final lineup. She remained with YG Entertainment for almost ten years before leaving in April 2019.

After leaving YG Entertainment, Sua was introduced as a trainee under Mystic Rookies on February 19, 2020.

She was later announced as a member of the company’s new girl group, Billlie, which debuted on November 10, 2021, with their first mini-album, The Billage of Perception: Chapter One.

Moon Sua Health Update: What Happened To ASTRO Moonbin Sister?

Since her brother supposedly committed suicide owing to poor mental health, Moon Sua health has received much attention.

People are attempting to take care of Moon Sua’s health and are looking into any potential ailments out of concern that she would suffer the same fate as her brother.

But all the rumors about her health issues came after it was revealed that her brother suffered from mental problems.

After losing a dear person in her life, she is currently in a state of grief, and it is reported that she will take some time off from performing.

Following the devastating news of ASTRO Moonbin’s reported ***** on April 20, social media users on platforms such as Twitter have been recalling and sharing memories of the male idol.

Moon Sua
Moon Sua is taking a break from performing. (Source: AllKpop)

For example, they mentioned when he promoted his sister’s solo debut on SBS’s “Running Man” and expressed his wish for his younger sister’s happiness in 2023 on “DNA Mate.”

Moonbin trained for seven years before making his debut as a member of ASTRO in 2016.

His sister, Moon Sua, spent a more extended period as a trainee, training for 12 years before eventually debuting with Billlie in 2021.

After his debut with ASTRO, Moonbin also participated in subunit activities with fellow member Sanha starting in 2020. The duo recently released a new album in January.

Moon Sua Family Details

Moon Sua’s family includes her mother, Kim Hyosun, and her father, who is from Cheongju in Chungbuk Province. She also has an older brother, Moonbin, who is a member of the K-pop group ASTRO.

On January 26, 2023, it was announced that Moon Sua, along with Tsuki and Nana from the girl group woo!ah!, was chosen as the new host of MBC’s popular music program, Show Champion.

The announcement was met with delight from fans looking forward to seeing the trio’s chemistry on the show.Pe

Astro Moonbin Health
Astro Moonbin passed away dude to alleged suicide. (Source: People)

Their first episode as hosts were set to air on February 6, and fans eagerly anticipated their debut as MCs.

As a talented rapper, singer, and MC, Moon Sua’s inclusion as one of the new hosts of Show Champion were seen as a positive move that would further boost her career in the music industry.

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