Let’s check out the 20 Most Expensive Alcoholic Drinks in the World.

Since ancient times, alcoholic beverages have existed in the world.

Some individuals regard them as an essential aspect of their life. Others, on the other hand, frown on them.

Most of us have used alcohol at some point in our lives. We intend to get drunk and have a good time.

Therefore, anything that might help us do that is worthwhile.

People may choose alcohol that is only a few dollars in price because that’s what most people can afford.

However, there are beverages on the market that cost millions of dollars.

So, here is the list of the 20 Most Expensive Alcoholic Drinks with their all-time price in the world.

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S.N Name Price
1 Billionaire Vodka $3.7 Million
2 Tequila Ley .925 $3.5 Million
3 Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande Champagne $2 Million
4 Russo-Baltique Vodka $1.35 Million
5 Diva Vodka $1 Million
6 Mendis Coconut Brandy VS $1 Million
7 Macallan 64 Year Old In Lalique $625,000
8 1945 Romanee-Conti Wine $558,000
9 Armand de Brignac Midas $265,000
10 Dalmore 62 $215,000
11 The Sapphire Revelation By Bombay $200,000
12 Penfold Ampoule: $170,000
13 The Black Pearl Louis XIII Anniversary Edition By Remy Martin $165,000
14 Diamond Jubilee By Johnnie Walker $165,00
15 Chateau D’Yquem $130,000
16 The Ruby Rose Cocktail $40,000
17 Legacy by Angostura $25,000
18 The Diamond Is Forever Martini $18,000
19 The Winston Cocktail $ 12,500
20 Salvatore’s Legacy $8,316

20 Most Expensive Alcoholic Drinks In The World

20. Salvatore’s Legacy

Salvatore’s Legacy holds the 20th position on the list of the most expensive alcoholic drink in the world.

Salvatore Calabrese invented Salvatore Legacy, which is made of ancient liquor.

In October 2012, Salvatore Calabrese set a new Guinness record for inventing the most costly cocktail in the world.

Salvatore Calabreses Salvatores Legacy
Salvatore Calabreses Salvatores Legacy (Source: Ramada Neemrana)

He created the recipe with a 1788 cognac, a 1770 kummel, an 1860 Dubb Orange Curacao, and 1900 angostura bitters.

Therefore, this equates to a total of 733 years of liquid history, with a price tag of $8,316.

19. The Winston Cocktail

You may consider splurging in a Winston if you have $12,500 to spend.

It is only available in Club 23 at Melbourne Crown Casino.

The Winston Cocktail
The Winston Cocktail (Source: Salt and pepper)

The Winston Cocktail uses incredibly little cognac and is one of the most expensive in the world, costing a measly $ 151,000, which goes for $6,000 per shot.

As a result, it has been officially classified by Guinness as the world’s most costly drink.

18. The Diamond Is Forever Martini

This martini is served in Tokyo’s Ritz-Carlton.

It is the most expensive cocktail in the world, costing $18,000. The luxurious cocktail is created with chilled Absolut Elyx vodka, a smidgeon of fresh lime juice, and glistening with a one-carat diamond at the glass’s base.

Diamond Is Forever Martini
Diamond Is Forever Martini(Source: Alux.com)

Therefore, a hangover may only last a day, but a diamond is genuinely eternal.

Two premium martinis have been sold thus far, and this drink also includes a live band accosting the lucky guests with “Diamonds Are Forever.”

17. Legacy by Angostura

Legacy by Angostura is the pinnacle of Angostura rum.

It is a unique mix of seven of the brand’s most rare and valuable rums.

Legacy by Angostura
Legacy by Angostura (Source: Luxurylaunches)

Each bottle of rum will most likely cost about $25,000.

Other than flavor, it is more about the work put into the blending process.

As a result, the rum is entirely worth its price.

16. The Ruby Rose Cocktail

The ruby rose drink was launched on June 1, 2013, at The White Barn Inn in Kennebunk, Maine, for the brand’s 40th anniversary.

This drink is created with freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, a teaspoon of rosewater, an Elderflower liqueur from St. Germain, and an additional unique component.

Ruby Cocktail
Ruby Cocktail

The secret ingredient here is a 4-carat ruby. This cocktail is served in a martini glass, and when you are done with this beverage, there is a 4-carat ruby in the bottom of the glass, costing it $40,000.

Those who cannot afford such a large sum but want to sample this drink may obtain the same cocktail sans the ruby for $18.

15. Chateau D’Yquem

Château d’Yquem wine is produced in the Sauternes, Gironde area of Bordeaux, in the Graves region.

Yquem’s production is all about excellence from the vine to the bottle.

All of the barrique used are made entirely of fresh French oak.

In 2012, this vintage cognac was the world’s most expensive bottle of white wine.

This wine broke the Guinness World Record for the greatest alcohol concentration in wine at the time.

And now it costs $130,000.

14. Diamond Jubilee By Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker Diamond jubilee was created to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II’s 60th year on the throne on February 6, 2012.

The Diamond Jubilee is an exceptional occasion, and the bearer of the royal warrant (John Walker and Son) commemorated it with a rare and unique whisky.

Johnnie Walker Diamond Jubilee
Johnnie Walker Diamond Jubilee(Source: Haute living)

It is widely regarded as Johnnie Walker’s finest whiskey to date.

Furthermore, The credit for being one of the most expensive drinks should be given to the bottle itself because it is constructed with Baccarat crystal casings and has a half-carat diamond-studded.

13. The Black Pearl Louis XIII Anniversary Edition By Remy Martin

It is a Rémy Martin Louis XIII limited edition to honor the Company’s 140th anniversary.

It is derived from a single hundred-year-old tierçon and includes Eaux-de-vie varying in age from 40 to 100 years.

In addition, the Louis XIII Black Pearl is housed in a stunning Baccarat decanter, and the tiny layers of titanium, carbon, and gold are stacked on top.

Only 775 of these magnificent Baccarat Black Pearl crystal decanters were made, costing $165,000.

12. Penfold Ampoule

Penfolds is a well-known Australian winery that was founded in 1844.

They are well-known for manufacturing some of the country’s best and most costly wines.

Penfold’s ampoule is one among them.

It’s a rare wine in unique packaging.

Only twelve handcrafted bottles of this costly wine exist on the globe.

The vessel was designed and built-in in collaboration with four skilled artisans and artists from Australia.

Each Penfolds Ampoule costs about $170,000.

11. The Sapphire Revelation By Bombay

Bombay Sapphire Revelation is priced at $200,000. There were only five Baccarat crystal bottles in the Bombay Sapphire Revelation series.

The bottles are adorned with sapphires and diamonds and are handcrafted from crystals.

Revelation by Bombay Sapphire for $2000,000
Revelation by Bombay Sapphire for $2000,000(Source: Luxurylaunches.com)

The bottle is shaped like a massive diamond with ten significant facets.

These aspects correspond to the ten botanical ingredients used to produce Bombay sapphire’s rich and refined flavor.

10. Dalmore 62

Dalmore 62, which costs $251,000, is one of the most expensive whiskey.

It is a single-malt Scotch whiskey manufactured by The Dalmore in Highland (Scotland).

The firm has just launched 12 bottles with distinct names in a limited edition of the series.

Therefore, the most recent bottle sighted in public was purchased at Singapore’s airport.

9. Armand de Brignac Midas

Armand de Brignac Midas is based on the Greek story of King Midas, who transformed anything he touched into gold.

This Champagne is packaged in a massive 30-liter bottle weighing 100 pounds.

Armand de Brignac Midas
Armand de Brignac Midas(Source: Premier Champagne)

The bottle is handcrafted and holds the greatest and most expensive Champagne in the world, costing $265,000 a bottle.

Thus, Armand de Brignac Midas is an opulent premium product housed in the world’s biggest luxury Champagne bottle.

8. 1945 Romanee-Conti Wine

Even though Romanee-Conti is a well-known manufacturer today, this wine is highly sought after since just 600 bottles were allegedly made in 1945.

A bottle of 1945 Romanee-Conti, a red Burgundy from the Cote de Nuits, is astoundingly priced at $558,000.

Therefore,  Romanee-Conti has risen to the throne of collectible wines, and 1945 is regarded as the most valuable vintage.

7. Macallan 64 Year Old In Lalique

This limited-edition Scotch was distilled from three sherry-seasoned Spanish oak barrels.

The first was filled in 1942, the second in 1945, and the third in 1956.

This drink’s high price is due to the bottle and whiskey.

Therefore, each bottle is handcrafted from pure, hand-cut crystal, weighing about 25 pounds when empty.

It costs about $625,000 per bottle.

6. Mendis Coconut Brandy VS

Mendis is the inventor of the Mendis Million Dollar bottle, the world’s most expensive bottle of Brandy.

It is created by distilling the essence of the coconut blossom and is aged for at least two years in Hamilla wood barrels.

Mendis Coconut Brandy VS
Mendis Coconut Brandy VS(Source: Pinterest)

W.M Mendis, the founder of House of Mendis, signs and numbers each bottle.

They also offer a luxurious trip to the customer and personal safety for the $1 million bottle.

5. Diva Vodka

The fifth most expensive alcoholic drink in the world is Diva Vodka.

Diva Vodka is a high-premium sand-filtered vodka from Scotland and is sold for $1 million.

This vodka is fantastic for drinking neat or adding to luxury cocktails as a garnish with crystals.

20 Most Expensive Alcoholic Drinks In The World Diva Vodka
Diva Vodka(Source: Pinterest)

This triple-distilled vodka comes with a wand in every bottle brimming with handcrafted gems.

As a result, quality English grain is filtered seven times to give the alcohol its “smooth and clean taste.”

4. Russo-Baltique Vodka

Each bottle of Russo-Baltique premium vodka costs $1.35 million.

This drink was initially launched at the Top Marques exhibition in Monaco.

The vodka is packaged in a flask and is a facsimile of the radiator guard used on Russo-Baltique automobiles.

20 Most Expensive Alcoholic Drinks In The World Russo Baltique Vodka
Russo Baltique Vodka (Source: The Drinks Business)

White and yellow gold are used to create the flask cap, which includes a diamond-encrusted copy of Russia’s Imperial Eagle.

Therefore, the bottle is 30 cm thick and constructed of bulletproof glass, and it holds the fourth position as the most expensive alcoholic drink in the world.

3. Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande Champagne

Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande Champagne has aged in barrels for over 100 years.

Produced in 1776, the Cognac Grande Champagne is presented in phenomenal bottles.

20 Most Expensive Alcoholic Drinks In The World Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande Champagne
Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande Champagne(Source: Luxurylaunches.com)

The champagne is encased in a bottle dipped in 24 K Yellow Gold and Sterling Platinum.

Moreover, it is further embellished with 6,500 certified brilliant-cut diamonds and is sold at a massive cost of $2 million.

2. Tequila Ley .925

Tequila Ley .925 is most recognized for being in the Guinness Book of World Records as the priciest bottle ever sold.

It gains the second position for being one of the most expensive alcoholic drinks in the world.

20 Most Expensive Alcoholic Drinks In The World Tequila Ley .925
Tequila Ley .925

Its bottle is known as ley diamante and is regarded as a one-of-a-kind item having a market value of $3.5 million.

Ley Diamante is an Extra Aejo Premium aged in barrels for seven years and has 42% alcohol.

Its container is constructed of two kilograms of platinum and 4,100 flawless white diamonds.

1. Billionaire Vodka

Billionaire Vodka is the most precious and expensive vodka in the world. That costs $3.7 million, which is just out of reach for most people.

According to a Russian recipe, this vodka is produced using only pure wheat and crystal-clear water.

This vodka’s secret formula even calls for running water over actual diamonds.

20 Most Expensive Alcoholic Drinks In The World Billionaire Vodka By Leon Verres
Billionaire Vodka By Leon Verres

As a result, the bottle’s exterior is studded with 3,000 dazzling diamonds.

Moreover, the vodka bottle is encased in white faux fur and topped with a chapka designed by a premium designer, Leon Verres.

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