Most Expensive Hotels in the World!!!

People often travel for several purposes. So the hospitality sector is ever-expanding.

Well, staying in luxury hotels make you put away the regular of $200–$500 a night but let’s forget about that for a while because the list starts from $25,000.

Suppose you are a traveling person and looking forward to an expensive hotel for your next stay.

You’re here for a treat.

Let’s explore the top 20 most expensive hotels in June, 2023.

Quick Overview

Hotel Name  Country Per Night
20. The Connaught Hotel United Kingdom $25,000
19.Villa del Parco Sardinia Italy $27,000
18. Hotel Plaza Athenèe France $27,000
17. Corinthia Hotel United Kingdom $28,000
16. Burj Al Arab United Arab Emirates $28,000
15. Shangri-La Bosphorus Turkey $30 000
14. Nobu Hotel USA $35,450
13. The Royal Suite USA $40,000
12. Royal Mansour Morocco $41,000
11. Raj Palace Hotel India $43,000
10. The Conrad Maldives $50,000
9. The Grand Resort Lagonissi Greece $50,000
8. Hôtel Martinez France $53,000
7. Delana Hilltop Estate Fiji $55 000
6. Ty Warner Penthouse USA $60,000
5. The Mark Hotel USA $75,000
4. Hotel President Wilson Switzerland $80,000
3. The Grand Penthouse USA $100,000
2. Palms Casino Resort USA $100,000
1. Lover’s Deep Luxury Submarine
St. Lucia

Most Expensive Hotels

The information is based on articles published on moneyinc, wealthygorilla, traveltoplist, and tatlerasia respectively.

20. The Connaught Hotel

The hotel is located at a 7-minute walk to Bond Street Tube Station, London, United Kingdom.

The hotel features rooms with marble bathrooms, a Private balcony, Minibar, and Bathrobes.

Moreover, the hotel has Fitness Center, a gym, lounge, indoor pool with a spa.

The Connaught Hotel 1
The Connaught Hotel

The five-star luxury hotel was designed by David Collins and has 121 rooms in total.

In the same way,  business-friendly suites have the facilities of desks, complimentary newspapers, and phones.

The cost of staying at the hotel is $25,000 per night.

19. Villa del Parco Sardinia

Majesty Villa del Parco Sardinia is a 5-star hotel costing $27,000 per night. The hotel features Spa, restaurant, and luxury rooms.

Villa del Parco Sardinia
Villa del Parco Sardinia (Source: Pinterest)

In the same way, accommodation includes refurbished luxury rooms,  tranquil luxury bungalows, and waterfront suites.

Likewise, you can also enjoy a private garden with a swimming pool, explore sea views and diving, enjoy hydro-massage and gym center.

18. Hotel Plaza Athenèe

Hotel Plaza Athenee is a 5-star luxury hotel based in France that will cost you about $27,000 per night.

Simirarly,  The hotel boasts 154 rooms in total, a private gym center, a library, a private balcony, a spa, and a billiard room.

Hotel Plaza Athenee
Hotel Plaza Athenèe
(Source: Pinterest)

The hotel has been operating since 1913 and was designed by Charles Lefebvre and Louis Duhayon.

The hotel also boasts an uninterrupted view of the Eiffel Tower from almost all the rooms.

17. Corinthia Hotel

Corinthia is one of the top luxury hotels in central London. It was purchased by the Ministry of Defense and was used as government offices until restored as a hotel.

From the penthouse terrace, you can explore sights of London, gaze down River Thames, pot Nelsons Column, and Big Ben.

Corinthia Hotel
Corinthia Hotel (Source:

The hotel features a dining room for 10, two bedrooms with private bathrooms. Similarly, it also has a private spa, a hidden den, and two extra bedrooms if you need any.

The cost of staying here is about $28,000 per night.

16. Burj Al Arab

The seven-star hotel is from Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, and the price per night is $28,000.

Burj Al Arab
Burj Al Arab (Source:

Burj Al Arab is the world’s fourth-tallest hotel and is designed in a ship’s sail structure. The hotel has 28 double-story floors and 202 rooms.

Similarly, the hotel has an underwater restaurant, a private dining area, a butler, a spa, and a private lounge.

The hotel is managed by Jumeriah Group. It also boasts a helipad at the height of 689 feet above the ground.

15. Shangri-La Bosphorus

The hotel is located in Istanbul, Turkey, just a 15-minute walk to Dolmabahçe Palace.

Guests can view the waves of the Bosphorus Strait and the city skyline from the 6th-floor of the hotel.

Shangri-La Bosphorus (Source: Instagram Profile)

The hotel features two bedrooms and a living room with a private terrace and a separate dining room.

Similarly, it also has bathrooms with rain showers and marble with Bulgari design with a 19inch TV fixed in the vanity mirror.

There are a total of 186 rooms and suites with stunning views from each one of them. Similarly, four restaurants and bars provide guests with world-class cuisine.

The cost per night is $30,000.

14. Nobu Hotel

The Nobu Hotel has Luxury rooms and costs about $35,450 per night.

Similarly, the hotel’s design flaunts the Japanese-inspired architecture.

Nobu Hotel
(Source: Instagram)

Nobu Hotel features a private elevator,  steam room, media room, game room, and an art gallery.

Moreover, the hotel has restaurants, a spa with a private terrace, a casino alongside an outdoor pool, a nightclub, and bars with lounges.

13. The Royal Suite – The Plaza

A night at the Royal Suit is about $40,000, and the is located at the heart of New York City, United States.

Royal Suite has 182 rooms in total, including 102 luxurious suites.

The Royal Suite The Plaza
The Royal Suite – The Plaza (Source:

In the same way, Royal Suit features one to three-bedroom each with a full bathroom, private elevator, majestic living room, and private library along with a master bedroom, a lounge, and a separate dining room for 12.

12. Royal Mansour

The Royal Mansour was once a  palace of  King Mohammed VI of Morocco. Therefore, it is palace turned 5-star hotel costing about $41,000 per night.

Royal Mansour
Royal Mansour (Source:

Royal Mansour is a medina-style hotel with 53 Riads of 1 to 4 rooms, each with a private swimming pool, courtyards, fountains, plunge pools, and dining rooms.

It also has seven presidential suites, each of which spans about 91.5 square meters.

Similarly, guests can explore Medina and Atlas Mountains views from their own private garden and enjoy the home cinema and a fitness room.

11. Raj Palace Hotel

The Raj Palace Hotel is a grand heritage hotel. It has a museum that reflects elements of the Mughal period.

The hotel features an interior with crystal chandeliers and double-height ceilings, a pool, a  health club, and regular Indian décor.

Raj Palace Hotel
(Source: Instagram)

In the same way, the hotel rooms have the picture of the royal family’s museum collection, backyard, spa, meeting rooms after a royal name, and a restaurant.

The hotel was built in 1727 and is located in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.

The cost per night for a stay is about $43,000.

10. The Conrad

The world-first underwater hotel is located in the Maldives, which is 3 stories tall, building two stories above ground level.

In contrast, the bottom story is approximately 13-16 feet below the Indian Ocean.

Most Expensive Hotels in the World
The Conrad
(Source: Pinterest)

Similarly, the hotel has a twin bedroom, bathroom & powder room, integrated living room, and kitchen bar.

In the same way, the hotel features a dining and entertaining deck, a relaxation deck, a pool, a gym, butlers, and security quarters.

The cost per night is $50,000 

9. The Grand Resort Lagonissi

Located in Lagonissi Attica Athens, Greece, Grand Resort Lagonissi features sea views, private pools,  beaches, ten restaurants, marble flooring, and indoor and outdoor pools.

The hotel has 197 rooms, including  76 suites.

Most Expensive Hotels in the World
The Grand Resort Lagonissi
(Source: Instagram)

Moreover, the hotel also provides helicopter lifts, yacht hire, and limo for the special VIP guests.

The cost per night is $50,000.

8. Hôtel Martinez

Located in  Cannes, France, Hotel Martinez has been providing quality services since 1929. The hotel has 409 rooms, among which 99 rooms are suites.

The cost per night is $53,000.

Most Expensive Hotels in the World
Hôtel Martinez (Source:Pinterest)

The hotel features a private wood-paneled terrace, a private living and dining room, marble bathrooms, and a private jacuzzi at the open terrace.

Likewise,  from the uppermost floor of the hotel, guests can explore the incredible sight of the Mediterranean Sea, the Bay of Cannes, and the Lérins Islands.

7. Delana Hilltop Estate

Delana Hilltop Estate is located in Laucala Island, Fiji, that features a swimming pool, landscaped garden, lounge, and horse ride, along with a library, a living room, and a private pool with a waterfall.

Likewise, the Delana Hilltop Estate lies in the middle of the island so that guests can have an eyeshot of nature and its beauty.

The cost per night is $55 000.

6. Ty Warner Penthouse

The hotel is located in New York City, United States that features a zen room, four glass balconies, a private elevator, Rolls-Royce Phantom service, a private spa, Chinese Onyx-Clad, and caviar with champagne.

In the same way, the penthouse is 52 stories high and 700 feet above the ground, from where guests can explore the wide view of New York City. Moreover, the hotel has 365 rooms.

The cost per night is $60,000.

5. The Mark Hotel

The hotel is located in New York City, United States.

There are 106  rooms, including  47 suites, and it has been providing services since 1927.

Most Expensive Hotels in the World
The Mark Hotel (Source: Instagram Profile)

It features contemporary rooms, spa-like bathrooms, a fitness center, and a hair salon.

Similarly, the living room has party tricks and takes, and guests can have stunning views of Central Park.

The cost per night is $75,000

4. Hotel President Wilson

The hotel’s been named after the 28th US president Woodroof Wilson and is located in Genève, Switzerland.

Most Expensive Hotels in the World
Hotel President Wilson (Source: Instagram Profile)

There are 228 rooms with bulletproof glass and a security camera system.

In the same way, the hotel features marble bathrooms, a conference room, a gym, a jacuzzi, and a private elevator that goes straight to the room.

Moreover, guests can explore views of the Swiss Alps. The cost per night is $80,000.

3. The Grand Penthouse

The Grand Penthouse was designed by Jacques Grange, which is a 12,000 square feet two floors rooftop five-star hotel. If you want to stay here, get ready to pay $100,000 per night.

Similarly, The Grand Penthouse features five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a library lounge, two wet bars, and a dining room for 24.

Moreover, you can explore city views, Central Park, and The Metropolitan Museum from the 2,500 square feet private terrace.

2. Empathy Suite – The Palms

Palms Casino Resort is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, the United States, which is the second most expensive hotel with an art collection of a museum outdoor.

Similarly, the resort has 703 rooms in total, including the Kingpin and The Hardwood Suite.

Likewise, the cost per night here is $100,000, which includes two master bedrooms, massage tables, a bolster jacuzzi to the Las Vegas strip, a refreshment room, and a private tour of the art collection of a museum.

1. Lover’s Deep Luxury Submarine

Lover’s Deep Luxury Submarine is located near the coastal reef off the coast of St. Lucia.

Costing $292,000 per night, Deep Luxury Submarine is the world expensive hotel.

Most Expensive Hotels in the World
Lover’s Deep Luxury Submarine
(Source: Pinterest)

Deep Luxury Submarine has the most attractive glass-front areas, and you can enjoy a remarkable underwater life throughout.

Similarly, the Deep Luxury Submarine features a warm living room, a mini-bar in each suite, and an en-suite.

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