Most Expensive Yugioh Cards

Konami is a Japanese entertainment, video games, and gambling card manufacturing company. Konami is the exact company that manufactured Yu-Gi-Oh! Today we will see the most expensive YuGiOh cards of all time.

The Yu-Gi-Oh! is a Trading Card Game based on Japanese collectibles. The game’s main aim is to monster attack spells on the opponent and make sure they lose their life points to lose the whole game.

Each player playing this game will start with 8.000 life points which on losing will make you lose the game.

Here is our review of the 15 most expensive YuGiOh cards of all time.

Quick Overview

Name of Cards Value
15. Cyber Harpie Lady $0.49
14. Smoke Grenade of the Thief $0.76
13. Phantom Knights’ Fog Blade $1.70
12. Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon $4.91
11. Avenging Knight Parshath $6.07
10. Creation Resonator $8.31
9. Droll & Lock Bird $8.40
8. Rainbow Neos $9.20
7. Maxx “C”  $10.05
6. Gate Guardian $10.71
5. Power Tool Dragon $11.44
4. Metamorphosis $11.71
3. Gatling Dragon $12.14
2. Ancient Gear Fortress $14.13
1. Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring $18.58

15. Cyber Harpie Lady

This is a wisely cheaper card for $0.49.

Cyber Harpie Lady (Source: Amazon)

This is a level 4 winged beast wind type card that mainly focuses on effect. This card contains 1800 attack points and 1300 defense points.

A unique feature about this card is that it is always treated as a Harpie lady, a very unpleasant female person.

Moreover, the Cyber Harpie lady’s main power of the card is that she can power up “Harpie’s pet dragons” on your battlefield.

14. Smoke Grenade of the Thief

This card will cost you $0.76.

Smoke Grenade of the Thief (Source: Amazon)

When this card is used and is destroyed by another card, the effect can be seen while being equipped to a monster; this card causes a particular illusion to your opponent, making sure they lost one card. Therefore, the opponent must discard one card from their hand.

13. Phantom Knights’ Fog Blade

This card will cost you around $1.70.

It is a continuous trap card that can be used once per turn.

Phantom Knights’ Fog Blade (Source: Amazon)

When activated, this card will portray monster effects meaning that the faceup monsters in the game can not attack, and also, monsters in the game cannot target any of those face-up monsters for further damage. Furthermore, you need to destroy this card when it leaves the field.

Did you know Yu-Gi-Oh! had an anime version too. It was released on April 4, 1998, which lasted for October 10, 1998.

12. Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon

This one will cost you around $4.91.

Again, this is another Dark attribute 9 leveled card with dragon monster and effect card type. If you assumed, you are probably right that this card is very good at both attack and defense (i.e., attack having 2400 points and defense having 2000 points).

This is one of those cards that made it into the anime and was used by protagonists in the movie.

Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon  (Source: Amazon)

One thing unusual about this card, you cannot summon it usually or within a set. This card should be summoned by tributing 1 “Red-Eyed Black Dragon.” Moreover, This card will give you 300 attack points.

11. Avenging Knight Parshath

Price: $6.07.

This card falls under the legendary collection of 5D’s.

This is a light attribute type monster card that has attack points of 2600 and defense points of 2100.

Avenging Knight Parshath (Source: Amazon)

This card will allow you to switch battle positions, and also the enemy monsters will take on more damage when used.

10. Creation Resonator

This card will cost you around $8.31.

Yata Garsu card was responsible for creating the forbidden list.

This card is a level 3 card with fiend monster along with turner/effect card type. Moreover, this card consists of 800 attack points and 600 defense points.

Creation Resonator (Source: Amazon)

This card will allow you to do a special summon to control a level 8 or higher synchro master.

9. Droll & Lock Bird

This card will cost you around $8.40.

This is a level 1 card with a Wind attribute. It contains a spellcaster monster and is an effect card type.

Droll & Lock Bird (Source: Amazon)

There is no significant power thing in this card, but a random card is added from the main deck to your opponent card list during the draw time.

You can also send this card from your side to the GY so that the cards cannot be added to any other player’s main deck for the time being.

8. Rainbow Neos

This card will cost you around $9.20.

Not what we see and play now, Yu-Gi-Oh! Was based on a rather unmoderated and dark-style of manga series.

Rainbow Neos is a level 10 card with light attributes along with a warrior monster type. This is a Fusion Effect card type that contains 4500 attack points and 3000 defense points.

Rainbow Neos

This card must be summoned from “Elemental Hero Neos” along with “Ulitmate crystal.” This card cannot be special summoned in any other way. There are three types of effects you can perform from this card.

  1. You can send 1 monster you control to the graveyard and shuffle all the monsters your opponent controls into the deck.
  2. You can spell trap the card you control in the graveyard and then shuffle spells and trap cards your opponent controls into the deck.
  3. OR, you can send 1 card from the top of your deck to the graveyard and finally shuffle all the cards in your own opponent graveyard into the deck.

 7. Maxx “C”

This card may cost you around $10.05.

This is a level 2 insect effect card type along with 500 Attack points and 200 Defence points.

Maxx “C” (Source: Amazon)

The main power of this card is to allow you to draw one card immediately when your opponent is about the summon a special monster. Furthermore, you can send this card from your hand to the graveyard.

GY is the acronym for Graveyard in the game.

6. Gate Guardian

This card can cost you around $10.71.

Gate guardian card is a Level 11 DARK Warrior effect type of card. This card contains 3750 attack points and 3400 defense points.

This is also another card used by the main protagonists in the movie. They used it to attack with the special monster Kazejin allowing a higher damage rate.

Gate Guardian (Source: Amazon)

This card is a pretty massive deal according to its attack and defense power. Furthermore, this card cannot be summoned normally, meaning you need to special summon this card, and also this card must be specially summoned by sacrificing “Sanga of the thunder,” “Kazejin,” and “Suijin.”

5. Power Tool Dragon

This card will cost you around $11.44.

Power tool dragon is a level 7 Earth attribute machine card with Synchro or effect card type. This card consists of 2300 attack points and 2500 defense points.

Power Tool Dragon (Source: Amazon)

You can use this card once per turn. The main power of this card is to allow you to reveal up to 3 guided spell ard from your deck, which will further enable your opponent to add 1 of them to your hand randomly, and hence you can shuffle the rest of the cards back to your deck.

However, if this card gets destroyed while having the spell card, you will be able to send 1 of those magic cards to the graveyard.

4. Metamorphosis

This one costs around $11.71.

Metamorphosis(Source: Amazon)

This card will allow you to summon 1 fusion monster of the same level with your battlefield that can either play as defense or offense from the respective position of your Fusion Deck. Moreover, Galting Dragon is another type of card that can be the same as the price around Metamorphosis.

In YuGiOh, a floater is a Monster Card that has replaced itself in some way, allowing the player to use it to generate card advantage.

3. Gatling Dragon no.3

As discussed earlier, this one costs a little more than Metamorphosis, i.e., $12.14.

It is a level 8 dark attribute card with the Machine Monster and fusion and effect card type. This card contains 2600 attack points, whereas 1200 defense points.

Gatling Dragon

You can use this card once per turn. The main power of this card is that it will destroy as many monsters on the field as possible within 3 times the toss of a coin.

If you like expensive things, you must love the most Expensive guitars of all time.

2. Ancient Gear Fortress no.2

This card may cost you around $14.13.

This one is another continuous spell card.

Tyler the great warrior card was created by the make a wish foundation.

While summoning, the card can be either normal or special summoned. The main feature of this card is that your opponent cannot target “Ancient Gear” monsters you control with these card effects, and also, they cant be removed or destroyed by your opponent’s card effects.

Ancient Gear Fortress (Source: Amazon)

You will be surprised that your opponent will not summon or open another card because you have summoned an ancient gear fortress in the game.

This card is a huge deal for the amount the money it costs because you can even do 1 special summon monster from your graveyard or simply from your hand. However, you will not be able to summon unique monsters after this; it sounds like a fair game, right?

1. Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring no.1

This card will cost you around $18.58.

It is a level 3 card with fire attribute and zombie monster type. Card type: Turne or effect type.

From the anime, Seto Kalba was based on a real person.

Alright, you will be shocked to know that this card contains zero attack points but 1800 defense points.

Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring (Source: Amazon)

You can only use this card as once per turn type, but when you choose to activate his card, this card will allow you to have 3 effects on the opponent: –

  1. This card will allow you to transfer cards from the deck to the hand.
  2. You can special summon a monster from the deck.
  3. Also, you can send a card from the deck to GY.

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