Mozzy Wichita KS Arrested: An American rapper has been detained following a ******** inside a nightclub in Wichita, Kansas, early Sunday morning. Here’s more info.

Timothy Cornell Patterson, aka Mozzy, is a famous rapper from the United States of America who has been active in the rap scene since 2004. The Oak Park, Sacramento, California native is signed to CMG.

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In addition to that, he is also signed with Interscope Records and Blackmarket Records. While starting his rap journey in 2004, Mozzy took his stage name as Lil Tim and changed his name in 2012.

Furthermore, his studio albums include 1 Up Top Ahk, Gangland Landlord, Beyond Bulletproof, and Untreated Trauma. Apart from that, Mozzy often gets into controversy, and recently another piece of news regarding his arrest is going viral.

Mozzy Wichita KS Arrested and Charged

Mozzy has reportedly been arrested from Wichita, KS, after a ******** incident inside a nightclub early Sunday. In the ********, a total of 9 people were shot, and two of them were trampled.

According to a report, Officers were outside of a nightclub based at 222 North Washington Street in Wichita when they heard shouting and shots fired from inside the building at 12:58 am. 

Lt. Aaron Moses said that shots were fired inside the club where most of the injuries occurred. One of those injured is in critical condition, while all the other victims are being treated at local hospitals. 

Mozzy Wichita KS Arrested
Mozzy has been arrested in a ******** in Wichita, KS. ( Source: Twitter )

Following that, one person was detained, but later a video started circulating on the internet which claimed that Mozzy was also arrested in connection to the ********.

A witness allegedly identified Mozzy’s vehicle as the main suspect in the ********. Furthermore, more details regarding the case have not been shared as it is under investigation, but rumors are circulated that Mozzy has already been charged.

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Is The Rapper Mozzy In Jail?

As Mozzy has already been arrested, he is said to be in custody. The rapper was arrested following a recent ********. Before the ********, he was said to have given a performance.

Everyone on the internet has been talking about Mozzy’s arrest as people in the scene captured the video of Mozzy being detained from his vehicle with his crew.

Apart from that, further information regarding the ********, suspects, and victims has not been shared as the investigation is going on.

Rapper Mozzy In Jail
Rapper Mozzy’s getting arrested video is going viral on social media platforms like Twitter. ( Source: Twitter )

So, more details regarding the case may get updated soon. Also, Genius Celebs will give other updates regarding the ******** case.

Apart from that, this is not the first time Mozzy has been arrested. After serving a prison sentence for ten months, he was released in May 2023. Between 2005 and 2008, he was arrested three times by the Sacramento Police for possession crimes.

Has Mozzy MugShot Been Released?

At the time of this post, Mozzy’s mugshot had not been released, but after his arrest, the news went viral on social media, and everyone started searching for it.

Not only that, but the verified media outlet or the concerned departments have not given any info about the rapper’s arrest. So, his recent mugshot can’t be shared, but it may get updated soon.

Mozzy MugShot
Mozzy has been arrested multiple times, and his mugshot is from the past. ( Source: The Source Magazine )

As said earlier, Mozzy was arrested multiple times, and his previous mugshots can be easily found on the internet, as many verified sites have shared them. 

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