Mr Beast Good Man

Mr Beast never fails to entertain his fans; this time, people praise Mr. Beast as a good man. Let’s know what he did and why he is on the media headline. 

Jimmy Donaldson, aka MrBeast, is a renowned American YouTuber. His YouTube channel crossed over 130 million subscribers in January 2023. 

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Similarly, Jimmy’s channel is the fourth-most-subscribed on the platform.

Donaldson has been active and creative-minded since childhood, and he started his YouTube journey in 2012 at 13. 

The founder of MrBeast Burger and Feastables also runs the YouTube channels Beast Reacts, MrBeast Gaming, MrBeast 2 and the philanthropy channel Beast Philanthropy. 

MrBeast is also the co-creator of Team Trees and the fundraiser for the Arbor Day Foundation. As of today’s date, the foundation has raised over $23 million.

The three-time Streamy Awards winner is also the Favorite Male Creator award at the 2022 Kids’ Choice Awards.

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Mr Beast Good Man – Fans Praise Him As Such

Mr Beast often entertains his fans and followers with his amazing games.

This time, he has been gaining a lot of compliments and fan praise as a good man. 

In his recent video, Mr Beast showed how he cured the vision of 1,000 blind people from several countries.

As soon as the video was uploaded on YouTube, fans were shocked and happy to see how the Kansas native paid for the eye surgeries of 1000 people.

Mr Beast is a new media sensation for a reason.

He has always amazed his fans with his unpredictable content that entertains us for sure, still, people are also happy that the YouTuber is taking the initiative for the needy one. 

Mr. Beast Good Man
A blind boy saw for the first time after eye surgery. (Source: Youtube)

Mr Beast is among the YouTubers with the highest subscribers and has gained public attention for his entertaining videos and content. 

In his previous videos, the content creator was mainly seen challenging the people and giving them huge prize money.

Hence, uploading his charity work to his primary YouTube channel was one of the riskiest decisions.

Eventually, MrBeast nailed it and shared a post on Jan 16 where he said that the video already had over 12.6 million views then and still counting. 

Mr Beast Provided Eye Surgery To 1000 Blind People – Video Explained

Mr Beast is one of the leading content creators with millions of subscribers on his YouTube channel. Recently he posted a video different from what he does. 

As said earlier, the YouTuber uploaded a video where he recounted providing eye surgery to 1000 blind people from different countries.

In the video, Mr Beast also showed how he paid the bills for each of them. 

The YouTuber paid for the surgery and gave $10K to a person named Charlie.

Additionally, he donated a whooping amount to the surgeons and the hospital to support him and his initiation. 

Mr. Beast Good Man
Mr Beast with an eye surgeon. (Source: Today)

So, in the video. MrBeast gathered thousands of blind people from many countries with blurry vision.

So he gave 10 minutes of surgery to thousands of people that could eliminate their blindness. 

Besides, the surgery involves extracting the clouded lens and substituting it with a new artificial one.

Therefore, in the video, a patient thanks him and the team after seeing the world like ordinary people after many years. 

A few patients also received cash; one who couldn’t drive before the procedure received a Tesla. 

MrBeast Net Worth – How Rich Is The YouTuber?

The [calculate_years datestring=”05/19/1998″] YouTuber Jimmy’s net worth is $100 million.

Since 2012, he has been active on YouTube and runs three main channels with over a million subscribers. 

Similarly, Jimmy is the founder of MrBeast Burger and Feastables, so undoubtedly; the YouTuber makes whopping money from his professional career. 

Mr Beast
Mr Beast with his car for a new challenge video. (Source: Celeb Magazine)

Besides, Donaldson also contributes most of his earnings to help the needy and is also active in charity work. 

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