Ms Sun Death

People want to know about Ms Sun Death details. An acrobat falls to her death on camera during a routine with her husband. 

In video footage of the fatal occurrence, audience members can be heard screaming.

Authorities in China are investigating after an acrobat died on Saturday night while performing a risky activity with her husband.

A crane appears to pull the pair high into the air in video footage from the event in Hougao hamlet in eastern Anhui Province.

The woman hangs off the man by locking her wrists behind his head as they whirl around over the performance area. She then appears to let go and falls to the ground below.

Let’s find out more about this Ms Sun Death and obituary case. 

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Ms Sun Death And Obituary

Ms Sun Death has gone viral all over the internet.

According to What’s On Weibo, clips of the event went viral across China over the weekend, with other gruesome footage showing the female acrobat brutally hitting what looks to be a hard surface on the floor.

Screams from the audience can also be heard as she hurtles toward the ground. Sun Moumou, the acrobat’s colleague, informed reporters that the acrobat was “still breathing weakly” after the tragedy.

According to accounts, she was brought to the hospital and died due to her injuries. Following the fall, the concert and other shows scheduled for later in the weekend were promptly canceled.

On Sunday, Chinese social media users avidly questioned the occurrence, wondering how it could have happened.

Ms Sun Death
Ms Sun Death has gone viral all over internet. (Source: Must Share News)

Some witnesses reportedly noticed a lack of safety elements at the show and roads leading to the performance area that was difficult for emergency service teams to access.

There has also been much discussion in the media over who is to blame. According to the local Culture and Tourism Department, the performing group behind the show did not obtain appropriate approval to do the act in the first place, and they will be “dealt with accordingly.”

The duo is regularly seen performing stunts at high elevations and relying on one other’s strength for survival, according to a historical film obtained by The Paper.

According to the report, the choice to not wear safety belts stemmed from working in a “highly competitive” industry where they earned “relatively more money” by performing riskier acts.

Chinese Acrobat Died After Falling During A Performance

According to initial reports, Sun had been battling with her husband, Zhang Moumou, before the performance and had refused to wear a safety line.

Later, Zhou told the Yangzi Evening News that the claims were false. “We were always happy together,” he reflected.

“There was no brawl. I can’t give you any specifics right now since I’m dealing with everything.” The pair, born in 1986, allegedly had a son and a daughter together.

According to the Global Times, the show’s producer, Anhui Yaxi Performing Arts Media, was fined over $7,000 for “holding commercial performances without approval.”

Ms Sun Death
Chinese Acrobat Died After Falling During A Performance. (Source: BBC)

The Yongqiao District Committee and District Government Investigation Team stated it is investigating the recent event and conveyed its “deep condolences to the deceased” and her relatives.

An acrobat performing at Coachella in California was critically injured after falling during an aerial demonstration on the same day as Sun.

According to witnesses, paramedics placed the acrobat on a backboard before transporting her to the hospital.

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