News of MSU shooter Anthony McRae suicide after being confronted by the police emerged on February 13. He killed three and injured five more on the University’s campus. 

A deadly ******** at Michigan State University left three dead and five injured, who is in critical condition.

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Anthony McRae, born in Delaware and a resident of Lansing, Michigan, was identified as the perpetrator of the MSU ********.

He was reported to be jobless, and his father described him as “evil angry” since the ***** of his mother in 2020.

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Did MSU Shooter Anthony McRae Suicide?

MSU shooter Anthony McRae committed suicide after being confronted by the police. He died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Authorities recovered a weapon, but they have not determined whether it was the one used in the ********.

On February 13, 2023, McRae went on a deadly rampage at one of Michigan State University’s campus.

At 8:18 pm, Michigan State University Police and Public Safety reported shots fired in Berkey Hall on Michigan State University’s campus.

McRae, the gunman, shot and killed two people in Berkey Hall, left the building, and entered at least two classrooms while students barricaded doors and escaped through windows.

Anthony McRae Suicide
Anthony McRae, who later committed suicide, was identified as the MSU shooter. (Source: CNN)

MSU officials sent an alert tweer, which directed students to “run, hide, fight,” and issued a shelter-in-place order.

The perpetrator then left Berkey Hall, went to the MSU Union building, killed a third person, and injured five people.

He then left through the north side of the Union and escaped and later committed suicide upon being confronted by the police.

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Anthony McRae Parents Michael And Linda McRae

Anthony Dwayne McRae was born to Michael and Linda McRae in Bear, Delaware, on June 10, 1979.

He was raised in Trenton, New Jersey, moved to Michigan in 2003, and lived in Lansing.

It was reported that the 43-year-old McRae had no connection to Michigan State University.

Anthony’s father, Michael, told CNN that he had become “evil angry” after his mother’s ***** two years ago.

He said that Anthony had gotten more bitter and angry and let himself go; his teeth fell out, and he stopped cutting his hair.

Micahel added that his son had looked like a wolfman since the ***** of his mother.

Anthony Mcrae was seen on the CCTV camera entering the Michigan State University campus. (Source: Fox News)

Anthony had trouble holding a job and was unemployed. He previously worked at a warehouse loading refrigerators into trucks for seven years.

Anthony’s sister, Melinda McRae, said that she was shocked by the news and had no idea his motivations.

In recent days, Anthony had been living isolated in a room in their father’s home in Lansing, Michigan

Melinda said that Anthony was transient and would sporadically leave the state, go to different cities, and live in a shelter.

She added that her brother would often lash out at their mother, and when she died in 2020, he would express deep sorrow and become hostile.

MSU ******** Memorial And Vigil- How Many More?

Memorial services for the MSU ******** victims are planned across Michigan.

Counseling services were offered to the students and members of the East Lansing and Michigan State communities at the Hannah Community Center.

Vigils for the victims are also planned, with some offering to write letters to the MSU students and even interact with comfort dogs.

how many more
The Rock with “How Many More? Stay Safe MSU” painted. (Source: Twitter)

To commemorate the victims, MSU students painted “How many more?” on MSU’s The Rock located on the campus.

Flowers were left on both The Rock and the Sparty statue at the football stadium.

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