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Arielle Anderson from Grosse Pointe was one of the victims of the MSU ******** on February 13, 2023. Here is more about the victim and her family. 

A deadly ******** at Michigan State University left three dead, including Arielle Anderson, and five injured in critical condition.

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On February 13, 2023, McRae went on a deadly rampage at one of Michigan State University’s campuses.

At 8:18 p.m., Michigan State University Police and Public Safety reported shots fired in Berkey Hall on Michigan State University’s campus.

Anthony McRae, the gunman, initially shot and killed two students in Berkey Hall and left the building.

He entered two classrooms while students barricaded doors and tried escaping through windows.

He left Berkey Hall and entered the MSU Union building, killing a third person and injuring five.

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MSU ******** Victim: Who Was Arielle Anderson From Grosse Pointe?

Arielle Anderson was one of the three people who died at the hands of the MSU mass shooter.

Anderson, a junior at Michigan State University, was identified as the third victim of the MSU ********, according to the university’s police department.

She was from Grosse Pointe, Michigan, aspiring to be a surgeon. She graduated from a high school in her hometown in 2021.

arielle anderson
MSU ******** victim Arielle Anderson was a junior at Michigan State University aspiring to be a surgeon. (Source: Facebook)

Earlier, two other victims were identified as Brian Fraser, a sophomore from Grosse Pointe, and Alexandria Verner, a junior from Clawson, Michigan.

The five other victims, whose identities have not been revealed, remain in the hospital and are in critical condition.

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Arielle Anderson Remembered By Her Family

Arielle’s family has released a statement after confirming her as one of the MSU ******** victims.

The statement read, “We lost our precious daughter, granddaughter, sister, niece, cousin, and friend, Arielle Anderson.”

She was described as a loving person passionate about helping her family and friends and loved assisting children and serving people.

Arielle aspired to be a surgeon and tend to the health and welfare of others and was in her junior year at MSU.

She was diligent and worked hard to graduate from university early to achieve her goals.

The three victims of the Michigan State University ******** on February 13, 2023. (Source: Facebook)

The other two victims of the mass ******** at MSU were identified as Brian Fraser, a sophomore from Grosse Pointe, and Alexandria Verner, a junior from Clawson, Michigan.

Four of the five injured required surgery, and the fifth was taken to the ICU. Their condition is described as critical. 

Who Was The Perpetrator Anthony McRae?

Anthony McRae, born in Delaware and a resident of Lansing, Michigan, was identified as the perpetrator of the MSU ********.

He was reported to be jobless, and his father described him as “evil angry” since the ***** of his mother in 2020.

Anthony McRae Suicide
Anthony McRae, 43, was identified as the MSU shooter. (Source: CNN)

McRae had trouble maintaining a job. He used to work at a warehouse loading refrigerators into trucks but was unemployed at the time of the incident.

His sister said that he was living isolated at their father’s home in Lansing and that he was transient.

McRae was reported to be volatile and violent after his mother died in 2020.

He was previously arrested in June 2019 by a Lansing police officer for carrying a loaded Ruger LCP .380 semi-automatic pistol without a license.

He accepted responsibility for misdemeanor unauthorized possession of a loaded gun and received a 12-month probationary period as punishment.

Anthony was discharged from probation in May 2021.

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