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Mukta Tilak was an Indian politician, and people are curious about Mukta Tilak Death as she had been fighting Cancer for a long time. 

In the 2019 state elections, she was chosen to represent Kasba Peth in the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly as a Bharatiya Janata Party candidate.

She was chosen to serve as Pune’s mayor from 2017 to 2019. Tilak was the first BJP official to assume the office of mayor.

In the 2019 state elections, Mukta Shailesh Tilak, a Bharatiya Janata Party member, was chosen to represent Kasba Peth in the Legislative Assembly.

She served as Pune’s mayor from 2017 to 2019. The Party put her forward for the Legislative Assembly because it was pleased with her work as mayor.

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Mukta Tilak Death: Did Indian Politician Die In Hospital From Cancer?

Mukta Tilak, a former mayor of Pune and a BJP legislator from the Kasba district of that city, has gone away.

Age-wise, she was 57. For the last many months, she had been battling Cancer. She was receiving care at the Pune-based Galaxy Care Hospital. There, she passed away.

She was a loyal BJP team member who always carried out her political activities with the Party’s objectives in mind.

Mukta Tilak Death
Mukta Tilak Death was announced on Twitter.

She traveled to Mumbai in a wheelchair even though she was fighting Cancer and cast her vote in the Rajya Sabha and Legislative Council elections.

Office holders for the Pune BJP believe today’s death of workers who valued diligence is a tragedy. But his continuous Cancer struggle has failed today.

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Mukta Tilak Net Worth 2023

Mukta was a little secretive regarding her personal information, like her net worth, as the politician had not revealed anything regarding the matter to the public.

Mukta Tilak’s estimated net worth at the time of her death was more than $500,000, according to various sources. However, officials have yet to confirm this information.

Mukta did not spend her money on herself as she always had a giving nature. She has also not posted any pictures of her wearing gold jewelry, expensive clothes, and others when she was with us.

Sadly, Mukta did not have any social media before she passed away, so no further information on her lifestyle was found.

mukta tilak death
mukta tilak death: Mukta serving her country from hospital. (Source: Lok Mat)

She won the Kasba constituency of Girish Bapat with a resounding victory, gaining her a seat in the Legislative Assembly.

However, she was also diagnosed with Cancer. He battled Cancer and several illnesses for the next two to a half years.

Her involvement in public life was greatly diminished as a result. But she continued to carry out other people’s tasks from the hospital, directing the authorities.

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