Yangon Students

Yangon students have been subject to a death sentence after participating in anti-regime demonstrations and participating in the resistance against the committee rule by Myanmar’s military government.

Seven young students were detained in April for likely involvement in the shooting of Global Treasure Bank branch manager, and former military officer Saw Moe Win. Since then, their investigation procedure has started.

The administration, which has killed more than two thousand five hundred people since the February 2021 illegal seizure, has used the death penalty to terrorize opponents as it struggles to govern the country.

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Who Were The Myanmar Yangon Students Sentenced To Death?

The news which has surfaced media about the death sentence included seven students from Dagon University. On Wednesday, they were hanged in closed trials by a military tribunal at Insein Prison.

Myanmar Sentences 7 Students to Death for Anti-Regime Activities
Myanmar Sentences 7 Students to Death for Anti-Regime Activities (Source- Myanman Now)

Their identities include Khant Zin Win, Thiha Htet Zaw, Hein Htet, Thet Paing Oo, Thura Maung Maung, Zaw Lin Naing, and Khant Linn Maung Maung. 

They were detained for lengthy legal procedures for being involved in anti-regime protests and participating against the law set by the administration. 

With this, the news has surfaced in media outlets highlighting the ignorance of international appeals and public objections regarding the students’ sentence.

Why Were Myanmar Yangon Students Sentenced To Death?

Officials allegedly captured the seven students from Myanmar Yangon for their alleged involvement in the shooting death of Saw Moe Win.

He was an ex-military officer who supervised a state-owned Global Treasure Bank branch, which was killed that month in South Dagon township, according to the Dagon University Students’ Union.

The specific charges were not mentioned in the report, but given the explicit political purpose of these military trials, they are mostly irrelevant. 

The Dagon University Students’ Union statement described the penalties as an act of revenge by the military.

At Least 64 Myanmar Protesters, Two of Them Underage, Sentenced to Death by Military Courts
At Least 64 Myanmar Protesters, Two of Them Underage, Sentenced to Death by Military Courts (Source- Radio Free Asia)

It also specified the horrific situation in the country’s courtrooms and the fall of the entire legal system since their takeover in February 2021.

Moreover, Ko Nan Lin from the University Students’ Union Alumni Force condemned the sentences as unjust.

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How Many People Have Been Under Death Penalty For Similar Case?

The Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP) report keeps track of people killed and imprisoned by the military government.

Their research mentioned that four other students were also given the death penalty, presumably for anti-regime activities.

Moreover, AAPP has ensured that the military committee has killed at least 2,553 people since taking power in February 2021. The executions were widely viewed as a rise of the army government’s Campaign of terror against the growing resistance to its rule.

Moreover, it has now increased shoots in all parts of the country, even in areas of central Myanmar that were once viewed as military strongholds.

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